Woman left horrified after mouse crawls inside plug socket and disappears

A woman was shocked when she caught a mouse crawling into an impossibly small hole meant for an electronic cable, as shown in a mind-bending video.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user @pennyharry702 on Friday (May 21) she films a plug socket in the wall.

A mouse is frantically wriggling its body as it works its way inside until just its hind legs are poking out, followed by its tail.

The footage has been watched more than 880,000 times in around 24 hours amid a so-called "mouse plague" that has seen millions of pests ravage crops in parts of Australia, as noted by many viewers.

One person commented: "Imagine living in Western NSW Australia where there are thousands of these things!"

"Say you live in Central NSW without saying you live in Central NSW," joked a second.

A fourth viewer wrote: "It's true they can dislocate their spine and fit anywhere."

"That's me trying to get into my jeans," quipped another.

  • Horrifying video shows mice 'raining' from sky as 'biblical plague' sweeps Australia

Australia's mouse infestation in New South Wales and seen millions of rodents sweep across farmland eating crops and turning to cannibalism when they run out of food.

Farmer Xavier Martin said: "They eat each others’ heads off, and then by the time they get to the lungs and heart they tend to leave it.

"You’ll find the lower half of a mouse left behind – so you still have to clean it up."

Another farmer recorded mice "raining from the sky" as he emptied a silo that seemed full to the brim with thousands of live and dead mice who got inside to eat the grain.

Meanwhile, NSW Health confirmed three people were bitten by mice while being treated at hospitals when the rodents got inside.

"Reports of residents or patients receiving minor bites have been made … and appropriate treatment has been provided," a spokesperson said.

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