Woman suspected of stealing car is forklifted off ground while still inside it

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A woman who was allegedly tried to steal a car was forklifted off the ground by the vehicle's owner while she was still inside it.

The 24-year-old is suspected to have broken into the house of Brendan Mills in Queensland, Australia, and is even said to have enjoyed a shower and freshened up by changing into the residents' clothes.

It is then said that the woman then decided to get into the owners' saloon car just as they were returning home.

Incredible footage shown on the Australian Nine News channel showed what was described as "a bizarre end to an audacious crime", with red car seen being raised into the air in front of the property.

Recalling the incident to the show, Mr Mills described how he took the action after the woman refused to leave his vehicle, saying: "I asked them many times get out of the car: 'We're home, you're busted. Get out the car, you know it's over'," he said.

"(But) they didn't want to get out."

Police footage then went on to record the moment arriving officers greeted her as she was lowered to the ground, with one telling the confused woman: "Out you get!". She was arrested soon afterwards.

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The woman will now appear in court next month having been charged with burglary and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

In a later statement police were careful not to recommend the extraordinary response to the attempted car theft to others, saying: "To ensure community safety, police recommend members of the public not engage in methods of disrupting criminal activity which may involve risk of personal harm or further legal recourse."

The maximum penalty in Queensland for burglary is a 14-year stretch in prison and the maximum sentence for the non-aggravated unlawful use of a vehicle is seven years in jail.

In the UK, the maximum sentence for burglary is the same but the stealing of a car is a summary only offence, carrying a maximum prison sentence of six months.

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