Pete Davidson 'Caters' to Kim Kardashian, Says Sister Khloe

Scott Disick, meanwhile, says Kim acts "so different" and uses "young slang words" around her new man.

While Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick’s respective love lives have seen some serious drama this season on “The Kardashians,” they’re both happy to see Kim Kardashian is thriving with Pete Davidson.

On the season finale of the family’s Hulu show, Khloe met up with Scott amid the fallout from Tristan Thompson’s paternity scandal — saying she wanted to hang out with Disick because he “makes me laugh.”

As they spoke about their own romantic misadventures — Tristan’s scandal, Kourtney Kardashian moving on with Travis Barker — Khloe said she hoped they could both “find people we can trust” in the future. “I can’t imagine opening myself up to somebody,” noted Disick.

The two then started to talk about how great a partner Pete has been for Kim.

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“He’s just a great person, you can tell he cares about people’s feelings,” said Scott, while Khloe said she was happy her sister “has someone that is nice to her, caters to her.”

“She hasn’t had that in a really long time,” added Disick before Khloe praised Pete for making Kardashian laugh, something she believed “everyone needs.”

Disick then said that Kardashian acts “so different in front” of Pete as well, saying that she speaks with “like young slang words” when the two are together. “It’s really cute,” he added of the coupling.

In a confessional, Khloe went on to call Davidson “so sweet,” before comparing Kim’s relationship with her own. “I don’t know him really well but from what I do know, it’s really drama-free, it’s really easy,” she explained, “And I think that’s something that’s the end goal. Everyone wants the fairy tale. Love shouldn’t be this hard.”

Season 1 of “The Kardashians” is streaming in full on Hulu.

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