Woman trying to share breakfast with hungry bird gets pecked in the eye

A woman trying to share her breakfast with a bird at a cafe was pecked in the eye in a freak accident.

Debbie Jones, from Gold Coast in Australia, was enjoying her toast in a popular Burleigh Heads cafe in Queensland and saw a butcherbird coming for her food.

She gave the animal a little piece of bread but was quickly struck by the bird.

"It just attacked me in the eye," Debbie told 9News in a televised interview.

"I started to run down the road; there was all blood pouring down my face.

"I was like 'ah, lost my eye!'"

Debbie was told the doctor the bird's beak was millimetres away from causing her serious harm.

She added: "They swished my eye out with saline stuff and an gave me an injection and now I have an eye patch, I'm walking round at work like a pirate."

Despite the horrific altercation on Thursday last week, the woman remained adamant she would still feed birds and said she would even try her luck at lottery tickets.

Debbie said: "One of the things they do say is that you should wear sunglasses if they're in an attacking or swooping mood and do not look them in the eye.

"You know, what's the odds? Now I'm going to do the lottery every day – the chance of getting your eye pecked out, win the lottery – who knows?"

Last month, a man in Liverpool was attacked by a "psychotic" seagull while he was walking his dog.

He was left with three head wounds after being "bombarded" with birds and a seabird swooped down from a lamppost.

His daughter Natalie said in a social media post: "He ducked down to avoid it and just carried on walking and then the next thing he's just felt it smack the back of his head.

"Obviously it had gone up, turned back around and then hit him from behind."

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