X-ray shows horror of freak gardening fork injury that killed two-year-old boy

A two-year-old boy has reportedly died after getting a huge industrial fork lodged in his head after a freak accident while playing outside.

The boy, called Javis Maina, from Kilimambogo, a town near Nairobi, Kenya, died during surgery at Kenyatta National Hospital in the capital on Tuesday evening, his mother Judy Muthoni confirmed.

The youngster had reportedly gone outside with his siblings, and other children carried a "fork jembe" they spotted stored in the house in the rural town.

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A fork jembe is a tilling tool used in agriculture, typically used to loosen soil prior to planting or sowing.

One of the huge teeth on the piece of equipment became lodged in the boy's skull when he was allegedly hit with it by one of his siblings.

Public uproar took over social media platforms after it emerged that doctors at the Kenyatta National Hospital had not tended to the boy quick enough, leaving the metal lodged in his skull.

The boy was admitted at around 6pm on Monday, October 10, with a promise that he would be taken to theatre, but for 20 hours, he was under observation after being transferred to KNH from a smaller hospital, his family said.

But the hospital responded with a statement from their communications department saying the procedure might have been dangerous if they didn't get the timing right.

The statement said earlier on Tuesday, before the boy died: “Our attention has been drawn to the story circulating online regarding a child admitted at KNH with a fork lodged in his skull.

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“The patient had lost a lot of blood and as a result, the clotting process was not occurring as expected, thereby, delaying the surgical procedure as this would have been dangerous to the patient.

"The patient has since been stabilized and is currently undergoing a delicate operation in KNH theatres."

The hospital later released another statement saying the boy was suffering from bleeding and swelling on the brain.

They said because his blood wouldn't clot so doctors gave him medication to help this while keeping him under supervision until they were able to proceed with surgery on October 11, in the morning.

They said he suffered "complications" during surgery and deteriorated quickly before dying.

Other reports in Kenya stated that the boy had been taken to Thika Level V Hospital on Monday, a facility in Thika, an industrial town and a major commerce hub in Kiambu County, Kenya, lying 26 miles northeast of Nairobi.


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