‘A bit too far’ David Beckham claims Victoria regrets WAG behaviour at World Cup

David Beckham goes to Venice with Harper

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David Beckham, 47, has looked back on the 2006 World Cup and the media attention footballers and their partners received. In a candid confession, the former England captain said his wife, Victoria, 48, regretted her behaviour while in the spotlight as a WAG.

Although Posh Spice had risen to astronomical fame thanks to the Spice Girls, the media focus on her around the World Cup stemmed from her husband’s performance during the tournament.

Victoria was followed everywhere she went and often photographed in the stands alongside other famous WAGs including Cheryl Cole and Coleen Rooney.

David explained that footballers’ close circle became a phenomenon that “went a bit too far”.

He said: “There was a lot of attention around the families but I always believed, as an England captain, having the kids around and wives or girlfriends wasn’t a bad thing.

“But looking back, that whole culture, there was a lot of attention, and whether people behaved themselves in the right manner – I don’t know.”

David explained how Victoria herself reflected upon her behaviour and questioned what she had done.

He added: “Even Victoria, she is the first to say when she looks back: ‘What was I doing? What was I wearing? Why would I do that?’

“I think it went a bit too far. There was more spoken about the WAGs than the football.

“At that time, for the players, you want to focus on the tournament rather than anything else,” he concluded on The Overlap podcast.

However, David insisted that having their families with them “at the right time is a good thing” for the sportsmen.

David has been married to Victoria for more than two decades.

The couple share four children – Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo and Harper.

They recently saw their eldest son, Brooklyn, marry billionaire heiress and actress Nicola Peltz.

However, as a couple they are far from perfect as David admitted some of his bad habits irritate Victoria.

Speaking on The Overlap podcast with former Man United team mate Gary Neville, David confessed that his constant throat clearing is Victoria’s pet peeve.

“I’ve got this,” he explained, demonstrating the sound that annoys her.

David continued: “She doesn’t love that.”

The football ace also spoke about the personality types of his children during the conversation, pointing out how he sees traits of himself in each one of them.

“The stubbornness in Romeo, the kindness of Harper… Brooklyn is a softie and very caring,” he listed.

“Cruz… Victoria has always said I’m quite funny and no one knows that. Cruz is quite a character so I’d like to say Cruz has my funny side.”

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