Aaron Dominguez Opens Up About Bonding With Selena Gomez For ‘Only Murders’

Aaron Dominguez is dishing on working with Selena Gomez on Only Murders In The Building!

The 27-year-old plays Oscar, who is an old friend of her Mabel. He recently got out of jail and they reconnected in this week’s episode.

SPOILER ALERT! He’s the tie-dye guy!

In a new interview, Aaron shared what it was like working with Selena and forming a bond in real life to have that chemistry come across on screen.

Find out what he shared inside…

“It was very simple because she approached it in the way of like, ‘You know, the easiest way for this to translate on camera is if we just start hanging out and getting to know one another,’” Aaron told Seventeen.

“Building that friendship off-camera was pivotal; I got to know her and fully come into the work side of it while being in tune with the personal side as well,” he continued. “It was definitely a beautiful journey to share alongside her, ’cause Selena‘s very sweet and welcoming. There was nothing that ever made the process difficult, everything was wonderful.”

His favorite scenes to film with her? This week’s new episode!

“I want to say episode 5 because we don’t see Oscar for a while and then he comes back around. It was definitely fun playing all those different little levels of nuances and intricacies of not having seen someone for a long time with her, like seeing how we could try stuff within cuts to see how it would play differently,” he dished. “We’d see if I could joke or throw an ad-lib in there to get different energy. I’d say episode 5 because it’s the beginning of Oscar and Mabel’s story again as friends.”

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