Alec Baldwin Asked About Halyna Hutchins' Condition Minutes After 'Rust' Shooting

Alec Baldwin was deeply concerned over the condition of Halyna Hutchins just minutes after she was shot on the set of “Rust” … as revealed in newly released police body cam footage.

In the video, obtained by TMZ, you see Alec sitting with Dave Halls, the movie’s AD. Baldwin asks, “What’s her story?” in asking about Halyna — and another crew member tells him things aren’t so good — then a cop describes how the bullet entered the right side of Halyna’s body and exited the left.

Halls breaks down, and Baldwin remains somber. At that point in the video, Hutchins was still alive, but fighting for her life as paramedics tended to her on scene. Police released footage of medics tending to Hutchins, but we’ve chosen not to show that.

As we reported, Hutchins later died of her injuries. The newly released video also gives a glimpse into the scene which resulted in Hutchins’ death. Cops released footage from the scene rehearsal where you can see Baldwin pull his gun in a quickdraw.

The actor has maintained he never pulled the actual trigger on the gun, and it fired after the hammer recoiled … as demonstrated in a computer-generated video from Hutchins family’s legal team.

While it’s the largest trove of evidence that’s been released in the case so far, the investigation continues.

On Monday, D.A. Mary Carmack-Altwies put out a statement saying, “The Sheriff’s office is still awaiting essential reports and will not be completing their investigation until those reports have been submitted. The District Attorney’s office must wait until the complete investigation has been turned over by the Sheriff’s Office.”

They continue, “Once we receive the completed investigation and conduct a thorough and deliberate review of all evidence, a criminal charging decision will be made.”

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