Anna Faris Reveals The Reason For Her Divorce From Chris Pratt!

We’ve always been curious about Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s breakup.

At this point, both parties have moved on, and the actor even welcomed his first child with new wife Katherine Schwarzenegger last year. But back in the day, Chris and Anna were one of those beloved Hollywood couples that just broke your heart when they announced their split. We had some ideas about what caused it, but now, the actress has shared her own insight into the end.

On her podcast Unqualified with Anna Faris, Jack Pratt’s mom swapped divorce stories with Gwyneth Paltrow. For Anna, that meant not just her relationship with the Parks & Rec alum, but also her first marriage to Ben Indra. According to her, both breakups boiled down to the same thing.

She explained:

“My two other marriages were with actors and I don’t think we did a great job of eliminating competitiveness. Or at least I didn’t, being a proud person, and not wanting to reveal vulnerability.”

At the time of her split from the Marvel star, the 44-year-old had several popular movies under her belt and was leading a popular primetime sitcom, Mom. But few actors could top Chris Pratt’s late-2010s hot streak, where he quickly went from the schlubby guy on an NBC show to the face of major film franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. Both were industry successes in their own right, but we could see where the difference might cause some tension.

Anna added:

“Any hint of competitiveness and comparison, I didn’t handle that very well, I don’t think. And I hope I’ve grown from that.”

The Goop founder reflected on breaking up with her own famous Chris (Martin), sharing:

“I really, for a long time, was choosing men and trying to work s**t out with them that I had no business trying to do in a romantic relationship. It was work I needed to do myself. In a divorce, I’ve learned so much from something I wanted least in the world… I never would have wanted to not be married to the father of my kids, theoretically. But I have learned more about myself through that process than I could have imagined.”

She also described how her husband of three years, Brad Falchuk, has challenged her and helped her grow. She explained:

“ is a person who demands presence and intimacy and communication in a way that I just didn’t know how to — I like to fight by shutting down. I’m like, ‘Goodbye.’ I, like, leave the room. … He was like, ‘No, absolutely not. We’re sitting down, and we’re figuring this out.’ He demands that I’m honest with myself in a way that is hard for me, but which really helps me grow. It was like being with some kind of jujitsu master where they’re like, ‘No, I’m going to make you see your own stuff for you to be able to win and advance.’”

The Scary Movie star found similarities in her relationship with her current fiancée, Michael Barrett. She said:

“I’m engaged to a man who’s demanded the same thing, which I had never had before. I had never been confronted with intense eye contact actually… Sometimes it can be pretty hot.”

We’re glad to hear both of these ladies are happy, healthy, and thriving — romantically and otherwise!

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