Ben Affleck grips soda cup in his TEETH after his hands were full

Ben Affleck shows his resourcefulness by gripping a cup of soda in his TEETH as he goes out to his car with his hands full… after Jennifer Lopez celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary

Ben Affleck didn’t let a pair of full hands stop him from bring along a some refreshments during a drive on Tuesday.

The 51-year-old Oscar winner was spotted out in Los Angeles as he headed out to his car while his hands were occupied with a pair of sunglasses, even as he was trying to bring along a lidless plastic cup full of dark soda.

He improvised and gripped the lip of the cup tightly in his teeth until he could puton the glasses and set the drink in a cup holder.

The charmingly goofy display came just days after Ben’s wife Jennifer Lopez celebrated one year of marriage to the Argo star on social media.

Ben actor, writer and director was dressed casually in a gray graphic T-shirt, which he wore under a yellow-and-white plaid button-up shirt that he wore open.

Hands-free: Ben Affleck, 51, looked comical but resourceful when he was seen in LA on Tuesday gripping a soda cup in his teeth as he got into his car

Ben completed the muted colors with a set of khaki pants, and he wore his dark hair styled short, along with a complementary salt-and-pepper beard. 

He could be seen pulling out a pair of cool aviator sunglasses, and he appeared to be using both hands to try to wipe off some smudges on his outer shirt.

He was clearly in need of them, though, as he was squinting against the piercing sun.

The day before, Ben’s wife Jennifer Lopez shared some lovely behind-the-scenes photos from their nuptials a year earlier.

However, she seemed to be focused on her husband, and a hashtag at the bottom of her caption suggested that she was teasing lyrics from her upcoming song Dear Ben Part II, which is a follow-up to her 2002 song Dear Ben.

‘One year ago today,’ she began, before launching into the lyrics.

‘Dear Ben, / Sitting here alone / Looking at my ring ring / Feeling overwhelmed / It makes me wanna sing sing / How did we end up here / Without a rewind / Oh my / This is my life…’ she wrote.

The original Dear Ben was an ode to her then boyfriend Ben, though it was released shortly after the two had gotten engaged for the first time.

Occupied: Ben was attempting to clean his sunglasses on his shirt, so he had to hold the cup elsewhere to leave his hands free

Relaxed style: He had on a casual gray graphic T-shirt with a yellow-and-white plaid button-up shirt and khaki pants

The couple had met and struck up a friendship on the set of their doomed rom-com/crime film Gigli, which began shooting in late 2001.

By July of the following year they were dating, and Ben popped the question to the singer and actress, now 54, just four months later.

But the couple’s plans to marry in September 2003 were scuttled after they called off the ceremony, and they eventually ended their engagement and split, reportedly due to feeling pressured by all the attention their relationship had received.

But years after his divorce from Jennifer Garner, and shortly after Jennifer’s split from Alex Rodriguez, the two reunited in early 2021 — first via email and then in person — and they got engaged again in April 2022.

Jennifer’s post celebrated the date of her second wedding to ben at hie enormous Georgia estate, where family and close friends were invited.

However, the lovebirds were officially married in July 2022, when they got a marriage license and had a quick ceremony in Las Vegas.

Jennifer’s photos included an image of Ben wearing a brilliant white tuxedo jacket as he lifted her up in his arms, as if he was about to carry her over the threshold.

Another gorgeous image showed the lovebirds sharing one of their first kisses as newlyweds while fireworks burst dramatically in the sky above.

Sweet: His humorous outing came a day after his wife Jennifer Lopez marked the one-year anniversary of their second wedding ceremony while sharing some lyrics that appeared to be from her upcoming song Dear Ben Part II 

Gorgeous: Ben carried her in his arms in one loving photo, and another romantic snap showed them having one of their first kisses as husband and wife while fireworks blazed above them 

Although the post was meant as a love letter to her husband, it also doubled as an advertisement for her upcoming LP This Is Me… Now, which will be her ninth album.

The release is expected to feature 13 songs, and it marks her first new album since 2014’s A.K.A.

The album’s title is a clear reference to her 2002 release This Is Me… Then, which featured Dear Ben and was dedicated to him.

That album was a celebration of their first attempt at love, and This Is Me… Now is expected to update Jennifer’s fans on the current state of her romance with Ben now that they’re happily married.

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