Caryn Chandler: Move Over, Amy Roloff! I’m Taking Over Pumpkin Season!

Amy Roloff is out.

And a very familar and polarizing face is in.

On Tuesday night’s brand new episode of Little People, Big World, we’ll flashback to this past fall — and a major decision for Matt Roloff:

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, would he open his farm for the wildly popular and profitable pumpkin season… or not?

“Since I bought Amy out of the farm and became the sole owner, there’s been a lot of back and forth about whether we’re even going to attempt pumpkin season this year, with the pandemic and all the restrictions,” Matt explains on the episode.

“I mean, we’re not sure that we can even do anything.

“But I think I’ve decided now that we’re going to try to do something.

“We just don’t know what it’s going to look like.”

Back in mid-September, Roloff detailed the precautions he was gonna take in order to let patrons back on his property.

Thankfully, all appeared to go smoothly, as customers followed the new rules, pumpkins were sold, fun was had and there were no major outbreaks as far as we know.

But this installment was filmed a very long time ago.

Back when Matt was pressed to make a choice.

“We get so many people that we could be overwhelmed. It’s a really tough decision,” Caryn Chandler jumps in and says on air.

Matt’s long-time girlfriend, Chandler served for years as manager of Roloff Farms.

(Hence why she’s not the most popular cast member, following Amy Roloff accusing Matt of having had an affair with Caryn. At least in the emotional sense.)

“We know people have to wear masks, we know we have to do social distancing, and we know we have to have a low-touch operation,” Caryn continued to the cameras.

“We’re kind of focusing on those three things and then seeing where we can land.”

Amy moved off the farm last year in 2019 after selling her stake in the business.

She didn’t have any say in how pumpkin season would work, but she did play a key role in the multi-week event.

“My mom’s not part of the big decision-making of pumpkin season this year,” said son Zach on the episode.

“But my mom loves taking photos and so she’s still planning on participating.

“After taking a step back last year, I’m glad she’ll be more involved this year…

“My mom’s almost the face of pumpkin season in a way, showing her presence and saying hi to everyone. It’s just a big part of a lot of people’s experience.”

Also rejoining pumpkin season?

Chandler, who had similarly taken “a step back” from helping with the annual autumn operation amid the controversy of her simply dating Matt.

“I used to run pumpkin season forever and we decided it was just the time for me to take a step back to keep the peace,” Caryn tells viewers.

Adds Matt:

“Caryn and I decided, ‘Hey, it’s probably best if she’s not involved in the pumpkin season.’ She graciously and respectfully took a step back.”

We’re guessing viewers will have quite a few opinions on Caryn’s involvement.

“I did it for a decade. I loved it. I was clean. COVID hit. Now somehow I ended right back up in the middle of it,” Caryn says on the episodewith a laugh, as Matt chimed in as follows:

“You got a two-year break.”

“I’m married to the guy that owns a pumpkin patch. How can I not be into it?” Caryn replied, prior to catching herself. “I’m not married. Did I say married?”

Yup. She sure did.

“I feel like I’m married to a guy with a pumpkin patch,” Caryn clarified.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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