Charlotte Crosby bursts into tears as she says pregnancy emotions are ‘taking over’

Charlotte Crosby burst into tears on her recent Instagram stories as she said that her pregnancy hormones are “taking over”.

The 31 year old former Geordie Shore star announced she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend Jake Ankers in April.

But it seemed that the pregnancy hormones were kicking in as she cried heartily into the camera whilst trying to explain to her 7.8million followers how she was feeling.

She struggled to catch her breath and had to try to calm herself down numerous times during the candid videos.

Charlotte started the video in a calm manner, saying that as she was walking up to bed and she “had the nicest realisation” and that she “honestly couldn’t be any happier in life right now” and she “just feels so lucky”.

She then started to tear up, saying that she didn’t know if she “could get the next bit out without crying”.

As Jake walked into the room, she told him: “Im crying, I’m so happy”, to which he replied: “With what?”

The tears started flowing as Jake declared “baby” and ran to hug his sobbing girlfriend.

After Jake left the room, Charlotte tried to compose herself as explained why she was crying.

She said: “I feel like I need to finish this because I need to explain where this overwhelming feeling of emotion came from and I definitely think it’s the pregnancy hormones kicking in.”

She continued: “When I was walking up my stairs – I need to say this without crying – I was just thinking” before sobbing and saying “oh god, I can’t even get it out”.

Charlotte went on: “Right I’m going to try to compose myself, and I’m gonna get this sentence out if it kills us”.

Again she said: “I was walking up the stairs and I was just thinking ‘God, I’m so lucky’,

“Like I’ve always envisioned having a family here [her house], and it’s finally happening”, before bursting into a fresh wave of emotions”.

She went on to say: “These emotions are just taking over my body.

“It’s not good to be an already-emotional person and get these…” before trailing off.

She then alluded to her previous relationships, saying: “The amount of relationships I’ve been through, and to finally… like I’ve moved out of my home, this beautiful home, for past relationships, and all of the wrong ones,

“And to finally be back where I belong, about to start my own family with the most amazing man, the most kind, loving, caring man that I’ve ever met in my life.”

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