Cheryl teases upcoming project in video after sharing heartache over Sarah Harding’s death

Cheryl has teased a new project coming this Monday, a month after the death of her former bandmate Sarah Harding.

The tragic passing of Girls Aloud star, Sarah Harding, on 5 September due to breast cancer, has taken an emotional toll on her former bandmates, with Cheryl pulling out of a Birmingham Pride to grieve for her late friend.

Now the star has redirected focus with a new project she hinted in a recent video upload to Instagram Stories.

The clip shows Cheryl wearing a blue, ribbed top and trousers, sitting cross-legged on an exercise ball, tagged "Coming Monday @wearefeel".

With her arms resting by her sides and palms facing upwards in signature meditation pose, Cheryl looked in happier spirits, despite struggling to keep still on top of the ball in the clip.

“Why am I wobbling all over the place, what is that?” she said to someone off camera. “Me core? Never – I do yoga.”

Seconds later, Cheryl’s eyes were closed as she attempted to appear peacefully still.

“Perfectly balanced,” she said before giggling as she continued to wobble on the exercise ball.

No further details were made from Cheryl on what exactly would be coming, although nutrition brand We Are Feel – who she tagged in the video – confirmed on their Instagram page that she would be appearing in a Q&A with them Monday.

The supplement company offer clean, vegan-friendly vitamins that have been scientifically backed to improve the condition of joints, skin and the immune system among other factors.

Cheryl has been working with We Are Feel for a few weeks now it seems, appearing on the company’s Instagram page earlier this month.

A photo of Cheryl was posted by the brand the same day she announced her new project, showing her smiling to the camera as she held one of We Are Feel's vitamins in her hand.

“Taking Feel is part of my daily ritual,” she is quoted saying on the image.

Cheryl has been talking on social media about her experience using the company’s multi-vitamin supplements recently, discussing the improvements she’s noticed on her hair and in her skin.

“So, since I’ve been working with feel I’ve been getting some really great feedback and one of the most asked questions is about the multi-vitamin,” she said in a video uploaded to Instagram Stories.

“I can tell you it works. It really, really works. My skin, my hair, everything has improved tenfold and I’ve been getting lots of compliments, which is nice.

“The biotin, selenium, iron, I mean it’s all really scientifically proven to help your skin and your hair.

“So the answer to does the multivitamin really work for hair health – absolutely, and you won’t know until you try for yourself. I promise you, you can thank me later.”

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