‘I was raised religious – now I’m a witch who investigates ghosts & evil spirits

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Many people may be spending this Halloween watching scary films or spooking their loved ones out with haunted tales.

However, spine-chilling occurrences are an everyday thing for Cherise Williams.

The brunette from Ohio, in the US is both a witch and a paranormal hunter.

So she has certainly seen some things over her time, to say the least.

Opening up to Daily Star about her lifestyle, Cherise told us that she'd always been interested in the paranormal.

"Ever since I was a little kid, I've loved everything paranormal," she said.

"There wasn't much on TV at the time, so I read all the books I could when I was younger."

Cherise said that in her twenties, she joined a group of ghost hunters from her local area.

They would investigate the spooky goings-on in private homes, businesses or spaces.

However, she eventually left the group and went on her own.

Cherise says despite a few creepy encounters, she has "a lot of fun" with her paranormal investigations, which see her meet up with other people from the internet who do the same sort of thing.

And she's certainly in the right place for it in Ohio – which is also known for Bigfoot and aliens – with Cherise calling it a "haunted goldmine".

Asked what the freakiest thing she's ever seen is, Cherise reflects back on an experience when she was 7-years-old.

"This is when I first saw a ghost," she says.

"A shadow person turned and looked at me then disappeared.

"It was in my grandma's house and they hadn't told me it was haunted, so it was pretty freaky."

She also mentioned an investigation in a haunted hospital recently, where she says an old man laughed straight into her ear, as she exclaims: "It sent shivers all through my body".

At the same hospital she said other voices could be heard too, with one spirit even growling at her, which she labelled "jarring".

However, possibly the most spine-chilling experience Cherise tells us about was another incident went she was younger and at school.

"When I was in middle school, me and my friends saw the movie The Craft and thought we were the best witches around," she says.

"We messed with some rituals and ouija boards – we didn't know what we were doing.

"I'm pretty sure something attached to me – I was not in the best mental state."

Cherise said one night in particular she fell asleep after feeling "weird" and then woke up to find herself standing in the bathroom and looking in the mirror.

"When I put my head down, it was me but not me," she says.

"I could feel something trying to take over me.

"I was screaming in my head 'No' and I was trying to think of every holy image I could think of.

"Next thing I knew I was sitting in my bed. Ever since then, demonic topics freak me out a bit."

Cherise says she uses her witchcraft to help protect herself though.

Asked how she does this, she says: "There are loads of techniques to protect your energy.

"One of my favourites is super easy and anyone can do it. You just need a selenite wand – it's a crystal.

"Take the stick and rub it around your aura and the selenite scrubs away any energy might be trying to attach to you and strengthens your personal energy field.

"That's the best thing you can do, as it's a lot harder for anything to try to get at you if you do that."

Witches often get a bad name on TV and in films, so we asked Cherise if she ever uses her powers for evil.

"I don't hex or curse," says Cherise.

"I try to do use mine for protection for myself and my family and anyone I'm investigating with.

"There are witches that curse and hex, but in my experience most are trying to mind their own business.

"They are just using it to bring more money, healing and protection into their lives.

"Witches do get a bad reputation."

Cherise admitted that when she grew up she thought witches were "evil" as she was brought up in a religious background.

"I was raised in a religious family," she says.

"My mum's family were catholic and my dad's family were Lutheran.

"I was in the church a lot with my grandparents, so I grew up with the mentality that witches were evil.

"However, I was always interested in magic."

Cherise said her feelings on witches changed when she visited a bookstore at the age of 18.

"I was looking for a book on dream, she says.

"However, I stumbled on one about witches and had to had a lot.

"The first page I opened it to was all about what witches are and aren't and I realised what I'd believed was wrong.

"That took me down the witchcraft path – it was the spiritual connection I'd been looking for."

Despite most of her family unbothered or supportive of her witchery – including her husband – Cherise admits she still hasn't told her grandparents.

Asked what her plans are for Halloween, Cherise admits she doesn't usually do anything too outlandish and tends to "turn inwards" and have alone time during the period.

"I'll be lighting candles, meditating, using using taro cards, and connect with my ancestors," she says.

The paranormal fan has also been busy lately as she is currently writing a book on her her witchcraft and ghost hunting.

"It should be out in 2022, I'm very excited," she says.

You can follow Cherise on Instagram here.

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