Chris Evans gets candid on reunion with ex-wife Billie Piper: ‘I’ve no unresolved issues’

Chris Evans asked about interviewing ex-wife Billie Piper

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Chris Evans, 55, made it very clear that he and ex-wife Billie Piper have no “unresolved issues” since their split in 2004 and subsequent divorce three years later. The pair married in 2001 and have remained very close friends, something the radio DJ admits “never gets less weird”.

I have no unresolved issues I need you to sort out!

Chris Evans

Chatting to his Virgin Radio co-star Rachel Horne on Tuesday morning’s show, she wondered if there was anything he wanted her to ask the actress in an upcoming interview she is due to do.

Rachel asked: “What do you want me to chat to Billie about?

“What do you want me to ask her?”

Chris shrugged as he chuckled: “I don’t know, it’s up to you! I really don’t mind!”

He added, laughing: “I have no unresolved issues I need you to sort out!”

The former BBC host continued: “She’s fine at the moment, of course she is.

“She’s got it all going on, hasn’t she!”

Billie is currently filming for a new film over in America that Chris wasn’t allowed to mention on-air.

“She’s got this big movie in America that she’s filming, that you’re just not allowed to talk about on the radio,” he explained.

“But at a festival maybe… it’s a different vibe there.”

Rachel agreed: “People are a bit more relaxed.”

“They are more relaxed!” Chris echoed before advising her of the kind of questions to put to Billie at the upcoming film festival.

“Don’t go for news lines, don’t try and get news lines out of them,” he said.

The news reporter nodded as she said: “We just want chat!”

But Chris hit back: “Yeah but you say that.

“All you journalists say that!” he snapped as Rachel shook her head.

Billie often appears on Chris’s radio show to talk about her latest projects.

She last chatted to him in May earlier this year, where he giggled: “It’s just nice to have you in my life!” before thanking her for coming on the airwaves.

She gushed and thanked him for his time as they bid each other farewell, and once the phone line went dead, Chris sat back and began to reflect.

“It never gets any less weird interviewing your ex-wife about her living,” he smiled to his co-star Vassos Alexander.

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