Farrah Abraham: Her Most Iconic, Cringe-Worthy Moments We Can Never Unsee

Here at THG, we've seen a lot of of cringe-worthy pics of Farrah Abraham over the years … and not just from Backdoor Teen Mom.

Seriously, this girl is one serious piece of work.

And we don't just mean how she has work done on her frequently-changing appearance, although that is some work, to be sure.

In any case, we thought to ourselves, let's make a special gallery, 'cause there is something about her that must be immortalized.

From car crashes on the highway, to an athlete's leg breaking, to Farrah Abraham (in general), we can't look away sometimes.

Even from things that make us squirm.

So experience the glory, meshed with uniquely OMG-style oddness, that is Farrah, summed up in moments we can never unsee.

We dare you to start scrolling. Go forth.

1.The Vag Costume

2.Let Us Mullet Over


4.We're Gonna Do …

5.That Bathrobe in Paris

6.Hut … HUT!!!

7.Getting Freaky on Snap

8.That Froco Mascot

9.Farrah For 'Merica

10.Holy Crap, Why Do We Need to See This

11.Golden Ticket Show in Progress

12.In Case You Thought We Were Making That Up

13.The GOAT

14.Nun of That

15.Cannes Farrah Festival


17.Friggen Face Injection

18.This is the Place For …

19.From Another Planet


21.Lip Service

22.Filler Up

23.Flub in the Tub

24.Getting Off


26.Her Oh-Face

27.Her UH-Oh Face

28.Screen Shot Horror


30.Ugly Cry Montage

31.Here's Her Pushing Soph's Head Into Her BF's Lap

32.Blow Up Doll Style

33.More Lip Service


35.Straight Up Raunch on Reality TV

36.Appearance, Sexuality, Ability

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