Fern Britton suffers nasty injury at home worrying fans

Fern Britton prepares for her Sunday morning run

Fern Britton suffered a painful-looking injury at home last night.

The 65-year-old had been attempting to cut string on a bunch of flowers when the incident happened.

The former This Morning host was attempting to use a steak knife instead of scissors, with disastrous results.

She issued a warning to her 144,000 followers after the blade “went in about a centimetre”.

Fern then shared a picture of her injured hand, with a large plaster over the wound.

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The writer was soon inundated with replies from concerned fans, who asked if she needed medical attention.

Fern had initially tweeted: “WARNING: Just stabbed my thumb.

“Using a steak knife instead of scissors to cut string around a bunch of flowers.”

The small screen star continued: “Went in about a centimetre. Pulled it out and the inside looks like steak.”

She went on to apologise to those that could’ve been eating when they saw this.

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She signed off: “Sorry are you having supper?

“Applied pressure, and held up… not too bad now.”

Fellow user @CanonUser101 quickly asked: “Hope you did not get to a tendon.”

Fern responded: “I do t think so x.”(sic)

While @leanneb68 exclaimed: “Oh my days. Do you think you need to get it looked at?”

“I’ll let you know,” Fern wrote back.

She went on to issue an update this morning via an Instagram video.

As she embarked on her final run of the week, she referenced her mishap.

Fern stated: “I’m hoping the blood pumping while I’m running doesn’t cause havoc… I’ll let you know if it does!”

She later confirmed her hand was OK and that she was just being a “drama queen”.

She went on to say her head “wasn’t in the space” for a full-on run but didn’t go into further details.

Presenter Lisa Faulkner was one of the first to comment, telling her: “Fern I love you ! X.”

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