Here’s Why Zendaya Didn’t Attend the 2021 Emmys Tonight

Okay, if you’re watching the Emmys right now, you might be wondering: Why is the queen of the Emmys, Zendaya, not in attendance? After winning her category last year, it would make sense that she would be there, but she’s noticeably absent. Here’s what we know about why that is.

Basically, the short answer is that she wasn’t nominated for anything. Because Euphoria didn’t drop a new season this year, there wasn’t technically anything for Zendaya to be nominated for. And if you’re not nominated for an Emmy, you usually don’t go to the ceremony, even if you are a Very Important Hollywood Person. Especially in the time of COVID, where the ceremony is being scaled down to accommodate fewer people.

Aside from that, Zendaya has been extremely busy lately! She was just in Venice for the Venice Film Festival, and she told Extra that she wouldn’t be attending the Met Gala because she was on the set of Euphoria season 2.

“I will be on Euphoria,” Zendaya revealed to Extra during the Venice leg of her Dune press tour. “I know that this is the first time people are gonna hear that I’m not going. My fans will be very upset with me. I will unfortunately not be able to attend because I will be working on Euphoria. I got my time off to come here and do this Venice experience, which has been really, really special.”

While it’s a bummer not to see her, the bright side is that she’s working on something new and hopefully she’ll be nominated next year.

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