How Much Does Trisha Paytas Earn From OnlyFans?

Internet star and ex-Frenemies host Trisha Paytas has made a huge name for themself — as well as a hefty bankroll, to say the least. Paytas has been going through some major drama with their Frenemies co-host, Ethan Klein, and as a result has left the show. But that doesn’t mean Paytas’ income will be taking a hit. Trisha Paytas’ net worth is pretty impressive, and a major source is their OnlyFans. So how much does Trisha Paytas earn from their OnlyFans page?

Trisha Paytas reveals OnlyFans earnings

Trisha Paytas has been a popular online entertainer since 2007, when they first started making videos on YouTube. Paytas was typically very open about their emotions and lifestyle, bringing fans along for forays into their personal life. 

This included mukbangs, shopping trips, and crying sessions on Paytas’ kitchen floor. Nowadays, Paytas is making cooking segments, was previously working on Frenemies, and also runs an OnlyFans page, among other things. 

To say Paytas has been successful in their endeavors would be an understatement — they’ve become very wealthy, and very talked about. So how much is Paytas earning from OnlyFans?

The internet star opened up to fans about their OnlyFans earnings during a clap back on YouTube at Joe Rogan, who had disparaged their appearance on his podcast. 

“I make about, I don’t know if I wanna say, but at the height of it I made about a million dollars a month, just saying. And I still rake it in,” Paytas said in her reply. 

A million dollars a month is an incredible amount to make, which goes to show that Paytas must really be putting in the work. 

What is Trisha Paytas’ net worth?

The $1 million per month that Trisha Paytas was making from OnlyFans accounts for a portion of their net worth, and doesn’t include their various other projects, including their appearances on Frenemies

So what is Trisha Paytas’ net worth? Celebrity Net Worth suggests that the internet star clocks in at an impressive $10 million in net worth. Absolutely nothing to sneer at. The website even adds that Trisha Paytas spent $3.7 million on their California mansion in Westlake Village. 

The ‘Frenemies’ star calls it quits, gets anti-Semitic

While Trisha Paytas’ net worth seems to be coming in large part from OnlyFans, it’s unclear how much their decision to quit the Frenemies podcast might affect their income. However, it seems unlikely that it will have a major impact. 

That being said, many were upset but perhaps not too surprised to learn that Paytas had quit the show. Since then, plenty of drama has ensued between Paytas and co-host Ethan Klein. There are numerous tweets and replies and YouTube videos by now, but the core of it seems to be about profit-sharing and creative control. 

Unfortunately, Paytas utilized an anti-Semitic insult during their conversations about money, posting a screenshot of a conversation with Ethan Klein in which she used “Jew-y” as a slur to describe someone being greedy. Not a good look, but also pretty on-brand for Paytas. 

Ethan Klein has called Paytas out on how she approached Jewish people and culture previously — she often utilizes the word “Jew” as a descriptor, something that is often used by hateful individuals as a vituperative insult. 

Paytas has said many other questionable things about Jewish people and Judaism, even claiming that American Jewish people are not “real Jews” and don’t “know the struggle.” For the record, Paytas is not Jewish, though she claims she is converting. 

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