I'M A CELEBRITY RECAP: Matt and Owen voted in on next trial

I’M A CELEBRITY 2022 RECAP: Matt Hancock and Owen Warner are voted to do the next Bushtucker Trial, Who Wants To Be Silly On Air, with campmates watching on the sidelines

This was MailOnline’s live blog for episode six of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 2022: 

Host commentator

Tune in again tomorrow to see Matt Hancock and Owen Warner face the next Bushtucker Trial, Who Wants To Be Silly On Air!

Stop voting Hancock man it’s boring 😴Mike is itching to do a trial #ImACeleb

Those who complain about Matt Hancock getting too much air time in #ImACeleb are the same ones who find it necessary to constantly keep voting for him to do everything.

Stop. It.

Hancock’s gonna be on every trail isnt he hahahahaha #ImACeleb

ngl it’ll be quite boring if you all keep on voting matt over and over again. might just stop watching if this happens ngl #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/SDhtyB629M

And the entire camp will be watching from the sidelines! 

Another unpopular opinion. I enjoy Matt Hancock. Shoot me. #ImACeleb

Can we just mute Matt at this point?? #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/a8WEjoTK8m

Charlene gives Matt a hug after he looks for ‘a bit of forgiveness’

Chris asked Matt: ‘You got a lockdown fine, didn’t you?’

Matt said: ‘No, of course I didn’t. No, I did not. I didn’t break any…’

Charlene said: ‘You were socialising with someone outside of your household.’

Matt said: ‘I didn’t break any laws. Guidance is different.’

Scarlette continued: ‘So there’s a rule and there’s a law.’

Matt said: ‘Guidance is guidance. But the problem was it was my guidance. That’s why…’

Scarlette said: ‘Why did you break your own guidance?’

Matt replied: ‘Because it was a mistake, because I fell in love with somebody.’

Matt in the Bush Telegraph said: ‘In a way, lots of the campmates asked questions that the public have got as well and it’s only respectful to just give completely straight and truthful answers.’

Scarlette continued: ‘But you did it anyway?’

Matt said: ‘That’s why I apologised for it. I feel very…’

Scarlette added: ‘It’s that kind of, you just do it and then afterwards it’s like, ‘Oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’

Matt said: ‘No, because it’s bigger than that.’

Matt gets a grilling

Around camp, Chris asked Matt: ‘What’s the plan, come out of here, write a book?’

Matt said: ‘I’ve just finished a book – Pandemic Diaries. Does what it says on the tin.’

Chris asked: ‘How warts and all is it?’

Matt replied: ‘Totally. Tells the story straight. Needs telling.’

He added: ‘Also, there’s going to be an inquiry. That will tell the story straight as well.’

Zara Tindall is 20th in line to the throne – but camp were convinced she was 14th – leaving them without an afternoon snack of nachos and guacamole.

Sue spoke to the campmates about being adopted and how a chance reconciliation with her birth mum came about. She explained: ‘It was when I was at drama school, I was about 22/24 and Royal Exchange were looking for little tiny parts for Oedipus.’

Sue explained when she walked in an actor said: ‘Oh my god, she’s the absolute double of my wife when I met her.’ He then asked Sue her date of birth. Sue explained he then asked: ‘Oh, so where were you born?’ Sue continued: ‘And I went, ‘Barnet.’ He rung his wife and he said, ‘I’ve found her.’

Scarlette reacted: ‘What!’

Jill added: ‘Nah, that has just given me goosebumps!’

Babatúndé said: ‘That’s spooky! That’s mad.’

Sue continued: ‘It’s uncanny and I’ve got two half sisters who are all in the business.’

Jill said: ‘That is the most incredible story I think I’ve ever heard.’

Sue said: ‘It’s lovely because my mum and my birth mother, we’ve all met, been out for dinner, we’ve all kept in touch, so we’ve all had lovely relationship ever since, so it’s a nice ending. I’m very lucky.’

Really shouldn’t eat my dinner while watching the eating challenge on #ImACeleb 😫 bad mistake

wtf did they do to that tofu to make him just #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/Xf8B3TRcOQ

I feel like Owen would eat absolutely ANYTHING #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/ru5vawTBoj

For the final star they both had to eat a dish. For Matt this was cockroaches and blended cockroach dip. For Boy George, it was blended, fermented seaweed.

Boy George said: ‘This is friends with the stink fruit! Spicy, disgusting…’


Six cubes of fermented tofu followed for Boy George to which he said: ‘Oh my god… it’s disgusting. I can’t even describe what it tastes like, it’s vile. It’s like eating sick.’

For the final star they both had to eat a dish. For Matt this was cockroaches and blended cockroach dip. For Boy George, it was blended, fermented seaweed.

Boy George said: ‘This is friends with the stink fruit! Spicy, disgusting…’

Boy George then faced six fermented plums, which he said: ‘Tastes like perfume. It’s really disgusting and I can eat anything. That’s making me want to vomit.’


Forgetting himself again, Boy George said: “Why am I licking my thumb?”

For Matt, it was then a sheep’s vagina.

Matt said: ‘The thought of it was disgusting.’

Up next, Matt was dished up a camel’s penis. Ant advised: ‘Just the tip.’

Matt laughed: ‘Oh, marvellous.’

Matt said: ‘It takes like nothing, the texture’s like everything.’

Dec asked: ‘Is it crunchy?’

Boy George laughed: ‘I’ve dreamed of this moment.’

Matt explained: ‘It was soft and crunchy at the same time. The texture was horrible. And the hardest bit was the thought of what it is.’

Boy George was then served a blended, fermented duck egg. He said: ‘I’m trying to stay calm. That kind of didn’t taste of anything and then it tasted of everything. You know like a fart. Sue Cleaver did a fart the other day and it was like charcoal – that’s what it was like.’ 

Owen wtf 😭😭 #imaceleb

Owen needs to do an eating challenge #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity

not owen being jealous of the others doing an eating challenge because he’s THAT hungry #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/T9VLIm5R16

Right Owen for the next eating trial #FeedOwen #ImACeleb

Continuing her morning routine, Sue said to Mike: ‘Matt’s left all his crap here from shaving. He’s come up here, he’s shaved, he’s left all his crap in the bowl, he’s left the head of his shaver, look! Tell him when you go back.’

Mike said: ‘I connect really well with Sue because she’s a no-nonsense lady who says what she feels. I like that, it’s no reading between the lines a lot of the time. It’s straight in front, which is quite nice.’

Back in camp, Mike said to Matt: ‘Sue wasn’t happy you left all the water in the bowl. The shave water in the bowl. Warning, before Sue gets mad.’

Seann added: ‘You’re going to feel the wrath of Sue.’

Sue returned to camp announcing: ‘Matthew…’, and Matt already knew what to say: ‘I’m so sorry, I left a bowl full of water.’

Sue explained: ‘You left a bowl full of water with shaving foam in, you also left the head of your razor and the wrapper. Litter in the jungle. I’ve done it this time…’

Matt responded: ‘You won’t be doing it again.’

In the morning, Sue said: ‘Right, where’s my towel gone? I can’t find my towel anywhere. If George has nicked it, he’s a dead man, I’m telling you. If George has nicked my dry towel, he’s a dead man.’

George meanwhile was chanting in the jungle – but fellow campmate Mike asked: ‘Are you OK Sue?’, and Sue told him: ‘No, I’m not Mike, someone’s stolen my towel!’

From the dunny, Sue called to Boy George: ‘George! You haven’t seen my towel have you?’

Much to Sue’s surprise, Boy George replied: ‘Yes, I folded it by the bed. I folded it because I took it off where it was drying.’ Sue replied: ‘Oh… thank you.’

Admitting her error to Charlene she laughed: ‘I’ve been slagging him off, “Bet George has nicked it”.’

The whole of the UK tuning into #ImACeleb purely to see Matt Hancock eat

Let's hope whatever Boy George has to eat tonight is cooked better than those mushrooms #ImACeleb pic.twitter.com/QbiIo7WsuI

Boy George and Matt Hancock both drew the short straw as they were voted by the public to take on this year’s first eating challenge on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

And the singer, 61, did not appear to be enjoying his ‘disgusting’ fermented plums as he gagged while politician Matt, 44, couldn’t help but laugh, a teaser clip has shown.

In scenes set to air on Friday night, the pair were sent to La Cucaracha Cafe to stomach some unpleasant snacks in an effort to win 11 stars for the main camp. 

Stay tuned for updates on the latest Bushtucker Trial which will see Boy George and Matt Hancock take on the first eating challenge of the series.

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