Jana Duggar Glows Up, Breaks Free: Inside the Star’s Stunning Rebellion

She isn’t pregnant.

She isn’t courting. (Or is she?!?)

And she hasn’t recently been arrested on digusting pornography charges.

And yet: Jana Duggar continues to make headlines of late, standing out from her better-known siblings by finally breaking free from the control of her seemingly evil parents.

Over the past few months, the 31-year has sometimes quietly, and other times loudly, made it clear that she’s a brand new woman.

Yes, she was raised by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Yes, she has abided by their strict rules for approximately three decades.

But, no, Jana doesn’t come across these days like someone who wants this to be the case forever and ever. Just consider the following…


Seriously, the daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar visited a place known as Sin City in August.

She even bragged about the trip, sharing a pair of photos on Instagram; one of which featured Jana in black pants and a matching top.

The second ensemble included beige slacks, a black top and sandals.

As we’re sure you know by now, the Duggars do not allow their female kids to wear pants.


Talk about rebellious! Talk about doing something that runs counter to how God made you, which we’re certain is something of which Jim Bob would not approve.

Jana debuted her new hair color late this summer, sharing a snapshot of herself exiting a salon — with a huge smile on her face.

That that, Mom and Dad!



This is the biggest story surrounding Jana at the moment, however.

Based on a bunch of circumstantial evidence over the past few weeks, it certainly seems as if Jana is married to a pilot named Stephen Wissmann.

She was spotted at a Fourth of July event with him in Seward, Arkansas and someone even came across an Instagram page afterward with the name “Jana M Wissman.”

Is Duggar really married to Wissmann?

We can’t say for certain.

But he’s not from a religious family, we don’t think.

Nor did Jana come out and announce she’s courting, a step required by Jim Bob and Michelle of all their children.

There’s a whole process here… whereby a teenage Duggar is basically forced to “date” a teenager from a family Jim Bob knows well.

They make this announcement. They confirm an engagement some time later. Then, they make a big deal out of getting married and, about nine months later, they have a baby.

But Jana?

She has apparently thumbed her nose at each and every one of these steps.

At this rate, Jana will soon give the ultimate eff-you to her mother and father.

She’ll go off with Wissmann. She’ll settle down someplace far away from Arkansas.

And here’s the kicker:

She won’t have any kids.

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