Kanye's Presidential Campaign Paid Milo Yiannopoulos Almost $50k Last Year

kanye west milo yiannopoulos

Kanye West‘s presidential aspirations don’t come cheap — just ask his campaign, which paid Milo Yiannopoulos tens of thousands last year … while reimbursing Nick Fuentes for a few expenses, as well.

According to FEC filings obtained and viewed by TMZ, Kanye 2020 — his official presidential committee that appears to still be active — shelled out a whopping $40,000 to the alt-right media personality … with whom Ye recently cut ties amid his anti-Semitic spiral.

Milo Yiannopoulos

The docs show that Milo was paid this amount for “Campaign Wrap Up Services” … with the cash getting dispersed about a week or so before Christmas 2022. That would seem to line up with what we were seeing at the time publicly … Milo tagging along with Ye throughout much of the fall.

That’s not the end of Milo’s payday, though … the filings also show a separate $9,955 that was paid to him by the Kanye’s campaign in November for what they describe as “Domain Transfer.”

Keep in mind … Milo was claiming in early December that Ye actually owed him $116k for campaign consulting — but our Ye sources said nothing was ever in writing.

On top of this, the FEC docs also show that Nick Fuentes was paid back by the campaign for some travel costs … totaling $14,719.87. You’ll recall — NF was on Ye’s national press tour for a while too, going city to city with Kanye for months on end.

Since parting ways with both guys — not to mention getting effectively canceled by a bunch of orgs he used to be affiliated with — KW hasn’t talked much politics in a while.

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