Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange Joked About Getting Hitched After Being ‘Frisky’ on Boozy Night

In her memoir, the ‘Baywatch’ actress recalls one night when she visited her pal, the WikiLeaks founder, in London and spent an alcohol-fueled night together.

AceShowbizPamela Anderson and Julian Assange quipped about getting married after a “slightly frisky” night together. A staunch supporter of the WikiLeaks founder – who is currently in jail in England after his asylum was withdrawn from the Ecuadorian embassy in 2019, the “Baywatch” actress recalled how she used to visit him in London, when they would spend hours talking, laughing, and drinking together.

“My friendship with Julian Assange has been invigorating, sexy, and funny… I visited Julian regularly at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, staying for hours at a time…,” she said.

“Through our colourful conversations, Julian taught me so much about the world. He reminded me a lot of my grandpa in that way. Julian would draw diagrams about any topic and loved to solve problems, no matter how small or how large.”

“One night, Julian and I shared a strong bottle of mescal. We passed out, and I woke up at four in the morning with his cat on my chest. We’d both fallen asleep following a slightly frisky, fun, alcohol-induced night together.”

“My car was still waiting outside, and I’m sure that sent some tongues wagging. We joked about getting hitched on the front steps of the embassy – maybe then they wouldn’t arrest him? But then again, he joked, why would he give up one prison for another?”

Pamela recalled being “shocked” when she first visited Julian after he was moved to prison and slammed his continued incarceration as a form of “psychological torture.”

In an extract from her memoir “Love, Pamela” obtained by the Sunday Times newspaper, she wrote, “It was a shocking experience – the five checkpoints, the shouting and screaming while we crossed through the yard…

“It was the most frightening place I’ve ever visited. Julian is a mild-mannered person, not a physical threat to anyone, and he is being broken down, psychologically tortured.”

The 55-year-old actress took a job filming a commercial in Australia in order to meet her friend’s mother, Christine – and Julian’s mom advised her to curb her “sexy” image in order to be taken more seriously, advice Pamela declined to take after “serious consideration.”

She wrote, “I had brought with me the cash resources [Christine] needed, as a donation, which she used to help send two MPs from parliament to visit Julian in jail. She’s such a big-hearted woman, so engaged in the world, and so distraught over her son. Christine is a brilliant woman and straight shooter. She was quick to give me advice about my life and career.”

“She’d spoken to Julian about me, and she knew I deserved a lot more respect than people gave me, especially in the media. But it was partly my own fault, she pointed out, because of the way I had utilised my image. She told me to stop posting sexy photos on social media, to post authentic ones, ones with my sons or pets, with less make-up, not retouched.”

“She thought it would help me become a stronger and more serious activist, because my intelligence was being overshadowed. I was touched by her sentiment and concern, appreciated her advice, and took it under serious consideration.

“But, I argued, I am who I am, and I’ve always believed that striving to be a sensual person, or being sexy, should not conflict with intelligence. Women have fought hard so that we do not need to limit ourselves. And this confirmed for me that I had to use all I had even more to get attention for what was right.”

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