Kym Marsh in tears over dad’s cancer battle but says he’s determined to be at her wedding

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Kym Marsh broke down in tears on Morning Live as a she discussed her beloved dad's cancer battle, saying a film she had made with him for the show was "difficult to watch".

The former Coronation Street star has just shared the heartbreaking news that her dad David has incurable prostate cancer. The star and her father made a short film on the diagnosis for Thursday's Morning Live in the hope of raising awareness about the illness.

As the emotional segment came to an end, cameras showed Kym in the studio with co-host Gethin Jones as she began to cry and dabbed at her eyes with a tissue.

She said: "Sorry, it's so difficult for me to watch that. I'm in absolute awe of him. He's so brave to share that, he just wants to get the message out there in the hope that somebody out there might see it. Proud of you, Dad."

Gethin told her: "I'm very proud of you as well for doing that film because as you just said it's going to make a huge difference to so many people."

Kym, 44, shared the tragic news not long after a much happier announcement, as she revealed over the weekend that she is engaged to Army Major Scott Ratcliff, 32.

Speaking on Thursday, Kym said the wedding had given her dad something to aim for.

Gethin told here: "There's so much love in your family and you always try to be there for them and now he has something wonderful to look forward to after your announcement with Scott. He's got your wedding, he's determined to walk you down that aisle."

Kym confirmed: "Yeah he is determined to walk me down that aisle so it's really spurring him on."

In the Morning Live film, Kym explained that her dad's cancer is advanced and has spread to his pelvis, spine, ribs, and leg.

David said: "I have good days and bad days and some of the bad days are really bad, I can think of nothing else other than that I've got cancer."

As she cried while discussing his diagnosis with medics and health support workers, Kym said: "For us to see Dad cry and be as emotional as he is, it's not like him to be like that so for us to watch that it's really difficult for us as well, and we're not quite sure how best we can support him."

Kym also told David how proud she was of him as she hugged him, saying: "You've always taught me to be strong, never to take things lying down, sink or swim. I'm in absolute awe of you Dad, just your fight."

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