Larissa Lima Claps Back at Body-Shamers After Latest Surgery: This is My Dream!

90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima is many things.

She’s ambitious. She’s dramatic. She’s a staunch defender of boobs, including her own.

Larissa has undergone a series of dramatic cosmetic procedures, several of which enlarged her breasts.

Fans have voiced their concerns about her ever-growing chest, but Larissa is clapping back.

Her body, her choice, Larissa is reminding fans.

The unforgettable 90 Day Fiance alum’s breasts are currently fitted with eye-popping implants.

Even when she had “only” enhanced her cup size with 690 cc implants, they were positively huge.

Larissa Lima tweet - 690 cc implants "small"

Since then, Larissa has gone up considerably in breast size.

She currently has 1,500 cc implants … which by our estimation, is roughly the equivalent of ten cup sizes of enhancement.

That’s not exact for a number of reasons, but … just look at the results for yourself:

Obviously, a lot of people have a lot of opinions about Larissa’s body transformation.

Many have taken to social media, some with compassion, some with lust, some with envy, and some with concern trolling.

Larissa has taken to Instagram to reply to them all.

“I appreciate all the love and concern you send my way regarding my surgeries,” Larissa began.

“But for me,” she explained, “the ideal beauty is Aletta Ocean and the Anastasia doll.”

Larissa continued: “or the others beautiful busty women I follow on my Instagram.”

“I always followed beautiful busty women,” Larissa noted.

She continued: “or women with surgical enchanted ‘Kardashian look.'”

Larissa revealed: “This is something I wanted for my own body since I was 18 years old.”

“Do not tell me what to do,” Larissa asked her fans and followers.

“I’m Larissa,” the self-styled queen reminded them.

“And by now,” she wrote, “those that are familiar with me know that I do what I want to do without advice.”

“Something important to consider, is that my target audience are male adults,” Larissa wrote.

“And,” she continued, “others that may be attracted to my type.”

Even if you find that unthinkable, remember that many people have many types. Every body has an audience.

“I do not care about the opinions from the women that hated on me long before my surgeries,” Larissa affirmed.

“This is not who I care to please,” she emphasized.

Some have made a sport of bombarding Larissa with hatred for years. She’s not catering to them.

“I choose not to lie about my body,” Larissa pointed out.

“It’s interesting that many of the women that berate me are botoxed,” she observed.

Larissa added that many of these haters are “plumped, filled with silicone, and highly filtered on IG.”

“I’m not going to claim I got my stomach from the gym and a low carbohydrate diet, or say my photos are unfiltered,” Larissa wrote.

“Larissa chooses to tell the truth,” she proclaimed.

“For those that wish me the most horrible things in messages,” Larissa asked, “shall I wish you back in double??”

“No…because you will leak how hateful or sensitive I am,” Larissa predicted, “with the ‘free bully speach argument.'”

She then added: “But for you that wish me good things, I wish you triple good.”

Larissa concluded with a simple statement: “I’m not going to sugar coat who I am.”

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