Love Island star Tom Clare’s sister speaks out amid fury from fans

Love Island: Olivia confronts Tom about his kiss with Ellie

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Love Island’s Tom Clare, a semi-professional footballer who has had an eye for the ladies, made himself extremely unpopular by making three women in the villa the object of his affections at once. After news of his secret kiss with Ellie spread like wildfire, leading to accusations that he was stringing Olivia along, his sister stepped in to offer her support.

Laura Clare, an influencer with more than 15,000 Instagram followers and a penchant for beaches in Miami, shared a photo of the pair at a restaurant with their parents after the news broke.

Leaving the world in no doubt as to where her loyalties lay despite the scandal, she wrote: “We are always more than proud of you!”

She had taken to the app just two weeks earlier to celebrate the success of her “baby bro” on the show.

Uploading a photo of herself in a bikini next to the bronzed and topless Love Island star, she captioned it: “Still feels crazy watching you on the telly!

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“Excited for the world to see what a talented, charming, kind young man you are. Always proud to be your sister, let’s go!”

However, a backlash has since begun after he confessed his feelings for Olivia Hawkins, but told Zara Lackenby-Brown she had a better body than her – and then smooched with Ellie.

The 23-year-old might have hoped his moment with Ellie would remain a secret, but she then shared a chat with Will about it, admitting she had feelings for him.

“We had a little kiss on the terrace but I feel like I can’t go to the girls about it because obviously that’s going to go around, and I can’t go to really any of the other boys about it as that will go around,” she confided.

Of course, Will was no exception as he quickly told Tanya, who then told Zara.

The fuming star, who had been furious when Tom previously told her that Olivia had a prettier face while she had a hotter body, wasted no time in alerting Olivia, who had been hoping for a long-term relationship with him.

Ellie made it clear she was also interested in Tom, telling Will: “Obviously it’s getting to that point now where I don’t want to keep putting in groundwork with Tom if it’s not reciprocated.”

Zara confronted the lothario, raging: “I feel like everything that’s come out of your mouth is absolute b******t and I feel like you’re playing a massive game.”

She added: “I’m sure your parents are proud of you because you’re showing your true colours now!”

Within hours, his sister Laura posted the news that she and the rest of the family would “always be proud” of him, while neglecting to mention the backlash.

However, viewers were less inclined to forgive him, tweeting that they felt his behaviour was unacceptable and calling for him to be evicted from the villa.

Tom has apologised to both Ellie and Olivia, although he claimed to have “nothing” to say to Zara after her furious rant against him.

To add further complications, both Olivia and Zara knew each other previously via a music video they appeared in together.

They are both in the entertainment industry and between them racked up an impressive portfolio of acting, modelling and dancing jobs before their Love Island stint.

Olivia played a waitress in a James Bond film starring Daniel Craig, while she has also been a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson.

Meanwhile, Zara’s biggest claim to fame so far has been her string of appearances in music videos for international artists such as Hardy Caprio, Headie One, Aitch and Tione Wayne.

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