Megan Barton Hanson poses in cleavage-baring white catsuit

Braless Megan Barton Hanson puts on an eye-popping display in cleavage-baring white catsuit as she poses for a stream of sizzling selfies

She recently expressed her delight in shooting content for X-rated subscription platform OnlyFans, admitting it makes her feel ‘sassy and glamorous’.

And Megan Barton Hanson focused on treating her 1.6 million Instagram followers to quite the visual delight on Thursday morning, when she posed for a stream of selfies.

The Love Island star, 27, put on a sizzling display in a white one-shoulder catsuit, which was given an eye-popping touch thanks to a cleavage-baring cutout.

She teamed the figure-hugging ensemble, which highlighted her enviably toned curves, with a pair of recently-released Yeezy 700 V3 Kyanite running shoes.

Wearing her golden locks in a curly half-updo, the TV personality highlighted her looks with a rich palette of makeup, while she accessorised with bracelets and rings.

The social media sensation used her home as the backdrop of her mirror selfies, posing in her kitchen and expansive dressing room.

Megan is reportedly raking in an eye-watering £800,000 a month through her page on OnlyFans, after returning to the site last year.

And in a recent column for Vice, in which she dished out advice on how best to make OnlyFans an enjoyable and lucrative experience, the star revealed that she revels in shooting images for her ever-growing army of paying subscribers.

She wrote: ‘I really enjoy getting dressed up, doing my makeup and hair and wearing cute clothes and lingerie – and I think that’s the main thing. You’ve got to enjoy it. The moment it starts becoming a chore, you know it’ll be a slippery slope.

‘Every time I shoot I feel so sassy and so glamorous. I know a lot of people who have struggled with body confidence in the past and since doing OnlyFans, they now feel beautiful and it makes them happy.’

However, the Essex native admitted that she’s less than enthusiastic about ‘pushy subscribers – those who often badger her to publish content than goes much further than the topless snaps she feels comfortable in sharing.

Advising content creators to be clear in their bios about how far they’re willing to go, to avoid any potential accusations of false advertising, she had another solution.

She said: ‘If someone keeps pushing it, and even offering you more and more money to try to change your mind, I would just block them. You’re not tied to these people, so don’t feel like you owe them anything. You can always get new subscribers.’

The reality star is busy with work commitments, as it was reported late last year that she makes up to £800,000 a month on OnlyFans.

The subscription based platform allows it’s creators to upload X-rated footage or exclusive content to paying followers. 

Despite suggesting that she will dress like a nun, Megan hinted that she will ‘save all the naughtiness’ for her OnlyFans account.

Megan had an OnlyFans account before joining the cast of Love Island in 2018, though she deleted it ahead of going into the villa, ultimately returning last year.  

Earlier this month, Megan encouraged her fans to experiment with their sexuality during a candid Instagram Q&A.

The reality star, who is bisexual, said that she thinks everyone should experience [having sex] with the same gender ‘once in your life’. 

She also dished out tips on how to ‘love your own body’, saying that when she treats her body well, she feels the ‘sassiest’. 

The social media sensation responded to a curious fan who asked her: ‘Is sex better with a woman?’

Sassy: Megan Barton Hanson has expressed her delight in shooting racy content for X-rated subscription platform OnlyFans, admitting it makes her feel ‘sassy and glamorous’

Megan replied to the fan on her Story, cheekily suggesting she should ‘try it’, saying: ‘I think it depends who you’re having sex with. 

‘Like sex can be bad with anyone, it can be amazing if you’re both like on the same level. But yea, I would definitely experience it once in your life.’

The blonde beauty also responded to a fan who asked her for tips on how to gain body confidence.

Megan replied: ‘Quick fixes like working out, eating healthy clean foods, generally just looking after your body and treating it with kindness just makes me feel like I love my body more.’ 

She added in the caption: ‘Boring but treating it good, eat well, drink loads of water, don’t eat s**t and not drinking alcohol is when I feel the sassiest!’

Raking in the dough: The former Love Island star, 27, is reportedly raking in an eye-watering £800,000 a month through her page on OnlyFans, after returning to the site last year

This comes as Megan revealed she would consider returning to Love Island – the show which catapulted her into the spotlight in 2018 – if there were to be a gay season. 

She revealed during a discussion with the Cambridge Union earlier this week that she would return to ITV2 show Love Island, but only if it was a gay season, as she said: ‘I would definitely go back on there!’

The glamour model also told how more needs to be done by TV producers to show proper bisexual representation on the show, rather than just recruiting a ‘token’ bisexual.

She explained: ‘I think it [Love Island] would have been a completely different experience for me if there’d have been gay people on the show. 

‘It didn’t even enter my head, I just assumed that every girl on there was completely straight.   

Cheeky: Earlier this month, the social media sensation encouraged her fans to experiment with bisexuality during a candid Instagram Q&A

‘Logistically I don’t know how it’d work if they just chucked in a few token gay people in there. I think we need a whole gay series. 

‘If you’re going to do it, do it properly! I’d definitely go back on there if there’s a gay season!’

The stunner went on to reveal her desire for TV shows to increase bisexual representation without being tokenistic, stating: ‘I’m so passionate about this! 

‘I feel like Producers now will pick one bisexual girl who’ll be chucked on the show. She’ll get with a girl for a minute and then get with a guy and then that’s it, done. I feel like that’s definitely not good enough, we need a whole gay season. 

‘Because it just wouldn’t work, chucking in a few gay guys, gay girls into a straight show, it’s not gonna work. They need to completely do a whole gay season, I mean I’d definitely watch that!’

Where it all began: The reality star shot to fame on the fourth season of Love Island in 2018, finishing up in fourth place with then partner Wes Nelson

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