‘Meghan Markle and Prince Harry must repair their image – but she’s burnt so many bridges’

It was announced in April that Meghan Markle had signed a new contract with William Morris Endeavor (WME) in a bid to repair her tattered image and secure lucrative new deals.

However, six months later, there’s still no sign of any projects in the pipeline and the Sussexes’ reputation remains in ruins.

Now sources reveal there has been some push and pull behind the scenes as to what direction the Duchess of Sussex should take.

“Meghan is signed to WME, Harry isn’t. They are dealing with the couple’s image, but Meghan is their only client,” the source said.

“There have been discussions had about pushing Meghan forward in her own light, but it’s clear that she’s only got to where she is today because of her association with Harry and the royal family.”

Upon announcing their partnership with Meghan and the couple’s Archewell content creation label in April, WME said they will be focusing on “building out Meghan’s business ventures across multiple facets of the agency and its broader ecosystem”, including film and television production, brand partnerships and more.

“There will be no focus on acting or building Meghan’s career around becoming a movie star,” the source said.

“Everyone knows that’s not the right path for a royal. She will be focusing more on charitable initiatives, speaking engagements, endorsements, and appearances. Think what the Royal Family does in England, but in the US and bigger.”

There have been a number of career guises put forward for Meghan in recent months with one report suggesting she could run for office.

It was reported her team were building the foundations for a political career while another said Meghan would take the Angelina Jolie route and become a UN ambassador.

Another reputable news outlet claimed Meghan was about to sign a lucrative deal with Dior – none of which has materialised.

“It would seem nobody is that interested in Meghan unless she comes with Harry,” the source said. “The Royal Family is the reason why she’s so well known. That’s why it came as a big surprise to everyone that she burned so many bridges.”

Meghan’s agent Ari Emanuel and his team have been working hard to come up with the best way to market Meghan since she joined the agency.

The team at WME have some very big names on their books from the likes of Adele to Ben Affleck and are hoping that magic will rub off on Meghan.

“Ari looks after some very big names, so he knows what he’s doing,” the source said. “There have been projects that have come in which haven’t been right for Meghan because it would mean she would be pulled away from Harry.

“Another project was shelved because it would have appeared out of character for Harry to be a part of it. That’s the dilemma they’re facing. It’s not easy.”

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