I made my cousin leave my brother's wedding because her baby was noisy

I made my cousin leave my brother’s wedding because her baby was making noise – and people are calling me a ‘hero’

  • One anonymous woman kicked her cousin’s baby out of her brother’s wedding
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A woman has been hailed a her for ordering a relative out of the church when her baby started making a fuss during a couple’s supposedly child-free wedding. 

The wedding guest from the US took to Reddit’s Am I the A*****e thread to outline a very delicate dilemma when attending her brother’s wedding. 

Her cousin decided to flout the rules and bring her 8-month-old son, under the supervision of her nanny to the intimate church ceremony, where the youngest attendee was 10-years-old.

She explained: ‘During the ceremony he started babbling and “talking” and wouldn’t stop. He didn’t cry or anything but he was very loud and making disruptions. 

This was too much for the disgruntled Reddit user to bear – all she wanted was for her brother’s wedding ceremony to go seamlessly, but family members were angry that she asked her cousin to leave the room with the baby.

Responses were overwhelmingly in her favour – and many said they would do the same. 

One anonymous woman, believed to be American, took to Reddit ‘s Am I the A*****e thread a very delicate dilemma when attending her brother’s child-free wedding (stock image)

One Redditor’s cousin decided to ignore the rules and bring her 8-month-old son, under the supervision of her nanny to the intimate church ceremony, where the youngest attendee was 10 and started babbling

‘My brother’s fiancé was visibly angry (kept turning around to glare at them) but no one said anything,’ the woman explained. 

‘After it went on for about 10 minutes during the ceremony I turned around and asked her to take the baby outside, which she did’.

However, her relatives weren’t too pleased, even though the bride herself was glaring to indicate her disapproval.

‘After the ceremony, that whole side of the family was very angry with me,’ she said. 

‘My one aunt kept saying how mad she was that I “made her grandson leave the wedding”. They continued to talk about this all during the pictures and said that he was fine because he wasn’t crying he was just mumbling’.

The Redditor explained that they are very family oriented so she took the heat for her bold move ‘for a while’ after her brother’s big day.

But she insisted she was trying to do good because she ‘wanted it to be perfect for them and to help them out’ and the bride was becoming irate.

She then asked the people of Reddit: ‘AITA for making my cousin leave the ceremony with her loud kid?’ 

One user said: ‘You are a hero the world needs’, while another was more blunt: ‘Absolutely not the a******. The bride and groom clearly said they didn’t want kids at the wedding’. 

They continued to slate her cousin: ‘Your cousin clearly had no respect for the bride and groom considering she still brought an 8 month old to the ceremony. I’d say your cousin is the a******’.

Another called her a ‘terrific sister-in-law’, while another went as far as arguing that she ‘should have made the baby go away earlier’.

But another was confused as to why she was okay with the ten-year-old child being there and not the baby: ‘This got me so confused ‘. 

More came to her defence, with one saying: ‘That aunt/loud baby’s grandma needs to shut the f*** up. Imagine taking umbrage on behalf of a babbling baby at a wedding – is she daft?’

And a different user saidL ‘I would totally appreciate someone like you at my future wedding if I were in that situation. 

One chimed in: ‘I believe there are places children should NEVER be: weddings, funerals, graduations, court, hospitals’ to describe a few.’

However, another was less supportive, telling her: ‘It’s not your place to moderate anyone’s wedding ceremony.’ 

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