Miley Cyrus says getting COVID-19 shot is 'cooler' than Led Zeppelin

Miley Cyrus says getting the COVID-19 vaccine is even ‘cooler’ than Led Zeppelin as she proudly shows off her post-shot arm on Instagram

Miley Cyrus said that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 was ‘cooler’ than Led Zeppelin in a photo shared to her Instagram Story on Saturday.

The 28-year-old songwriter was pictured sitting in a medical examination room after receiving a shot while making a funny face for the camera.

The hitmaker’s post comes a few months after she took to her Instagram account to encourage her 132 million followers to go out and get vaccinated if they wanted to see her perform live in the future.

Strong opinion: Miley Cyrus declared that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 was ‘cooler’ than Led Zeppelin in a photo that was shared to her Instagram Story on Saturday

Cyrus was dressed in a black t-shirt that featured a graphic print of Led Zeppelin’s iconic Icarus logo.

The We Can’t Stop singer accessorized with several necklaces and a set of gold earrings while receiving her vaccination.

Her eye-catching blonde hair remained characteristically messy in the shot.

The songstress also added a short text graphic to her photo that read: ‘Led Zeppelin is cool. Getting vaxxed is cooler.’

Spreading the word: The We Can’t Stop singer has encouraged her fans to receive vaccinations against COVID-19 in an effort to be able to perform for live audiences

In March, Cyrus shared a video to her Instagram account ahead of her performance at the Super Bowl’s pregame show, during which she sang for an audience comprised primarily of healthcare workers.

In the post’s caption, she lamented the fact that she had not been able to perform live for audiences like she used to due to the onset of the global pandemic. 

She wrote: ‘It’s been almost a year without live music. I desperately miss the connection it brings. I miss hearing your voices ring out in harmony with my own. I miss YOU.’ 

The Wrecking Ball singer went on to encourage her followers to get vaccinated, as she wanted to sing for them in the near future.

Doing her part: Earlier this year, Cyrus performed at a Super Bowl pregame show in front of an audience comprised primarily of healthcare workers; she is seen performing in April

Speaking her mind: In March, the songstress wrote a message about missing live performances that was shared in the caption for an Instagram post

‘With vaccines becoming more available the dream of us all being reunited is getting closer to becoming a reality. We just have to do our part,’ she added.

The footage for the video was taken from the Angels Like You music video, which was filmed during the pregame concert.

At the end of the feature, Cyrus included a handwritten message to let her fans know that recovery was possible and that the event was the biggest that she had performed at ever since the global shutdown. 

Her note began: ‘Nearly a year after the world shut down because of COVID-19, this video was shot at the first concert of its size since the pandemic changed our lives.’

Letting everyone know: Cyrus included a handwritten message that was shared at the end of the music video for her track Angels Like You, which was released in March 

She then pointed out that concerts and live events could resume if her fans went out and received vaccinations to immunize themselves against the coronavirus.

‘We all look forward to being together again + this can happen sooner than we may have thought. Each of us can help stop the pandemic by being vaccinated. Together we can make the experience of live music a reality again,’ she expressed.

Cyrus has been keeping busy over the course of the pandemic, and she has often performed either virtually or for crowds with COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

Her most recent performance took place during an Elon Musk-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live that aired earlier this month. 

Back at it: Cyrus’ most recent performances have been undertaken with COVID-19 safety protocols in place; she is seen performing on Saturday Night Live earlier this month

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