Miriam Margolyes states ‘I’ve got a cow’s heart now’ as she issues health update

Miriam Margolyes has issued a health update and opened up about her recent heart operation via a new episode of the Table Manners Podcast.

Today, season sixteen of the famed food podcast, hosted by mother and daughter duo Jessie and Lennie Ware returned.

Their first guest of the new series was Miriam, 82, who went into detail about going under the knife.

The Harry Potter actor was admitted to hospital in May with a chest infection after undergoing a procedure to improve the blood flow to her heart, and now she has confirmed she has had an operation on the organ.

Opening the conversation, Lennie said: “Have you had your operation? I know you were going to have…” before Miriam cut her off and stated: “I’ve had the heart.”

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Divulging details, the 82-year-old revealed: “I’ve got a cow’s heart now. Well, not the whole heart. I’ve had an aortic valve replaced by a cow’s aortic valve.”

After Jessie, 39, asked how common it was to be given a cow’s heart, Miriam admitted that she had “never heard of that operation”.

“I don’t know how common it is… But it saves you from having open heart surgery, which would be infinitely more invasive.”

Speaking about the process, the star frankly revealed: “They made two little holes in your groin. One in each groin and then they shoved this thing through. And I don’t know how they pull it up but they sort of pull it up with stereos.

“And then when it comes to the point, when it’s in your heart, they pull a little string and it goes pow! And lo and behold, your artery or your aortic valve is shoved unceremoniously to the side.”

You can listen to Miriam Margolyes’s appearance on the Table Manners podcast now.

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