Olivia Attwood teases announcement after leaving I'm A Celebrity

Olivia Attwood teases social media announcement after denying Covid was why she was forced to leave I’m A Celebrity following medical issue

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Olivia Attwood has teased a social media announcement after she denied that Covid protocols led to her shock exit from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

The former Love Island star, 31, was left ‘heartbroken’ when she was forced to leave the camp after just 24 hours for a medical issue and was not allowed to return.

Amid speculation surrounding her exit, Olivia’s loved ones hinted at her return to social media after flying back to the UK from the Australian jungle.

News: Olivia Attwood has teased a social media announcement after she denied that Covid protocols led to her shock exit from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Her family, who have been running her social media in her absence, took to her Instagram Stories to tease that Olivia would ‘be back soon’, appearing to suggest she may address her exit.

They shared an amusing meme, which read: ‘The way we’ve been robbed of Olivia Attwood annihilating Matt Hancock in less than a day.’

It was then followed up by a cryptic message, which said: ‘Thank you again for all the messages and love. Olivia will be back soon.’

The comment left her fans wondering whether Olivia will address her departure from the show in a statement after she takes the reigns back on her accounts.

Sad news: The former Love Island star, 31, was left ‘heartbroken’ when she was forced to leave the camp after just 24 hours for a medical issue and was not allowed to return

It comes after Olivia denied that she has Covid after it was reported that virus protocols led to her sudden exit from the ITV reality show.

After Olivia was not allowed to return due to a medical issue after just 24 hours, it was claimed show bosses feared she could infect her fellow campmates with the virus on her return, having left the jungle.

However, MailOnline understands that Covid protocols had nothing to do with her departure.

A pal said: ‘It was unrelated to Covid. Olivia will talk about it herself when she’s ready but right now she’s just focused on getting back home.’ 

Hints: Her family, who have been running her social media in her absence, took to her Instagram Stories to tease that Olivia would ‘be back soon’

MailOnline contacted representatives for Olivia for comment at the time. ITV declined to comment.

Reports claimed that Olivia’s permanent exit from the jungle was caused by concerns around Covid protocols.

The reality star would have had to go through another week of isolation in order to return which was deemed ‘impossible’.

A TV insider told The Sun: ‘It was felt this would be too much time to spend away from the competition and potentially place her campmates at a disadvantage to her.  

Speculation: It comes after Olivia denied that she has Covid after it was reported that virus protocols led to her sudden exit from the ITV reality show

‘Obviously viewers at home couldn’t include her in any votes, including selecting them for different challenges during the series.

‘Olivia would have been going back in almost halfway through the series, which simply wasn’t fair.

‘As frustrating and upsetting as that was for Olivia, who was willing to do whatever it took to go back, she could also see it was an impossible situation.’

Olivia has flown back to the UK from Brisbane in Australia and is yet to speak out on her experience.

Statement: Olivia released a statement following her departure on Tuesday, adding that she would address her departure ‘in due course’ 

All 12 contestants taking part in the series have to undergo a number of medical and psychological tests before entering the jungle.

While most results are returned before they enter the camp, some come back after they enter.

Bosses are now in ‘talks’ about what to do following Olivia’s departure, with producers reportedly fearing the camp could be ‘lacklustre’ without the star.

A source close to Olivia’s family told The Sun: ‘Staff have been in floods of tears in Oz as they were so desperate to keep her and are devastated she’s gone. 

Catching a flight: Olivia was on her way home to be consoled by her fiancée Bradley Dack after trying in vain to beg show bosses to return to the camp (pictured at Brisbane Airport at 7pm local time on Monday) 

‘They know she was the shining star of camp and it’s uncomfortable that fans are calling for her return.

‘She was their big female signing and there is a real gap in the camp now. They are in crisis talks over what to do with the camp now as it feels lacklustre.’  

Olivia was forced to quit I’m A Celebrity! Get Me Out Of Here… after just one day in the jungle.

After making history as the first Love Island personality to compete on the ITV show, she left the camp on Monday after being involved in a reported ‘medical drama’.

She has now returned home to be consoled by her fiancé Bradley Dack after trying in vain to beg show bosses to return to the camp.  

‘She’ll be gutted’: Olivia’s fiancée Bradley insisted the Love Island star was ‘fine’ after being forced to quit I’m A Celeb on ‘medical grounds’ (but even he had no idea why!)

A show spokesman told MailOnline: ‘As a precautionary measure Olivia needed to leave the jungle to undergo some medical checks.

‘Unfortunately, the medical team has advised it is not safe for Olivia to return to camp as there needs to be further investigation. She has been absolutely brilliant and she’ll be very much missed on the show.’

A statement was issued on behalf of Olivia via her Instagram page on Monday.

It read: ‘To say Olivia is heartbroken would be an understatement, she dreamed of doing IAC for years, and was absolutely loving every second of the show and throwing herself into jungle life feet first (just as we knew she would).  

‘However, for reasons beyond her control her journey has been cut short. Your support and kind words have meant the absolute world to her, now as much as it always has.’

The dream is over: A show spokesman told MailOnline: ‘As a precautionary measure Olivia needed to leave the jungle to undergo some medical checks’

It added: ‘You will hear the truth from Olivia in due course and she will be back on your screens in the New Year. Ps. Who’s going to roast Matt Hancock now?!’ 

Politician Matt Hancock and comedian Seann Walsh were confirmed as entering the jungle at the end of Tuesday night’s episode.  

It’s believed that Olivia – who was reportedly paid £125,000 to enter the jungle – will be able to keep her fee.

Olivia’s early exit means she is tied for the shortest stint in camp with EastEnders actress Elaine Lordan, who also withdrew after just 24 hours during the 2005 series when she fainted twice in a day.  

It’s a shock blow to the ITV series, which returned on Sunday night with two million more viewers than last year, after being filmed in Wales for the past two years due to the Covid pandemic.

Taking the plunge: Olivia Attwood had a high adrenaline entry into camp as she jumped out a helicopter from 10,000 feet and onto a deserted sand island

Olivia has not spoken publicly about any health issues. She previously confessed that she is left ‘constantly overwhelmed’ by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and has taken medication for anxiety and depression.  

Speaking to MailOnline, Olivia’s fiancé Bradley confirmed that the TV personality is ‘fine’, but will be ‘gutted’ with the early departure – after only spending 24 hours in the jungle.

But admitting that even he doesn’t know why the star is leaving, the Blackburn Rovers footballer told MailOnline: ‘I just saw it in the news, like anyone else. She’ll be gutted. I think she’s fine, but I haven’t spoken to her. I’m really not sure what’s happened.’

‘I just saw it in the news, like anyone else. I’m waiting for a call,’ continued the bewildered sportsman.

Olivia previously told MailOnline of her plans to cope with her ADHD in the jungle: ‘I’m hoping that the jungle will really suit me because the things that over stimulate me is too much blue light, phone, laptops, TV, caffeine, alcohol, too much sugar, all that stuff in our daily lives makes me a bit wild whereas there’s none of that in the jungle. I love nature and animals so I’m hoping it will have a nice effect on me.

‘I don’t want to ram it down people’s throats. The awareness for ADHD is on the rise and there’s a lot of good conversation around mental health, ADHD and diversity in general.

‘Sometimes the persona of me as I am on Instagram, people buy into that and think nothing fazes me and I power walk through life but the last ten years have had big ups and downs and a lot of personal challenges and hopefully I can open up a bit more about that, which I haven’t touched on before.’

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! will continue with the next live episode on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.




AGE: 61

CLAIM TO FAME: Legendary pop star

PHOBIAS: Being scared

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? No, I am going straight into the jungle from playing at various festivals and gigs

ROLE IN THE CAMP: In-house dietician reassuring everyone that they will be ok on the jungle diet. And entertainer – I will sing!

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I am a very positive person and I don’t bear any grudges

DREAM CAMPMATE: It would be funny if my ex, Jon Moss, comes on the programme -but I don’t think that will happen!



AGE: 48


PHOBIAS: I am petrified of heights. I ended up carrying the bags when we took my girlfriend’s niece once to Go Ape as I am so petrified!

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? A friend’s birthday, a wedding, and Leeds United matches

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Entertainer. Hopefully I can help shorten everyone’s boredom.

BEST ATTRIBUTE: Hiding food! I am going to fly out early and sneak into the jungle and hide pot noodles everywhere, then I will be everyone’s best friend!

DREAM CAMPMATE: Ant and Dec…let’s see how they cope for 24 hours!



AGE: 59

CLAIM TO FAME: Playing Eileen Grimshaw in Coronation Street

PHOBIAS: Don’t be ridiculous! I am not going to admit to what I fear most!

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? Coronation Street and we are expecting another grandchild any day, so hopefully it will arrive before I fly out to Australia.

ROLE IN THE CAMP: I will be more of a mum – that is where I will naturally fit.

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I can cook and I am a good listener, so hopefully I will be a friendly ear for everyone.

DREAM CAMPMATE: Good Morning Britain’s Richard Arnold. He is my TV husband and it would be lovely to have an ally in camp!



AGE: 35

CLAIM TO FAME: Presenter of A Place In The Sun

PHOBIAS: Spiders. There is no point in lying about it! I’ve got an irrational fear about them

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? Just a holiday which I can postpone

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Mum, cook and morale booster. I always like to look at the positive side in life

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I can cook and I will be good at making sure everything is tidy in camp

DREAM CAMPMATE: Mo Gilligan. He is hilarious and I totally fancy him!



AGE: 36


PHOBIAS: I am scared of absolutely everything. Snakes, rats – I am fearful of them all and I am dreading the trials

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? I was going on tour but we’ve postponed it now until next year

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Tension breaker. If I can break tension anywhere it starts up in the camp, then I will do that. We don’t need to be bickering as it will be a first-time experience for everyone

BEST ATTRIBUTE: Hopefully I will bring some humour to the camp

DREAM CAMPMATE: I am a big Arsenal fan and so any ex-Arsenal player would be great. I am looking forward to chatting to Ant & Dec about football



AGE: 36


PHOBIAS: I am not too pleased about rats being in there but I am just trying to pretend it is not happening! 

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? No, I am really looking forward to taking part in this show

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION YOU WANT TO DISPEL IN THE JUNGLE: People have voiced their feelings about me and I am hoping they will see I am very different. I want to create new memories

ROLE IN THE CAMP: I am a great listener. I can’t cook but if someone would like to teach me, then I will give it a go 

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I don’t want to put myself down but if my friends were to answer this question, they would say there isn’t much Seann can do! I am not really bringing too much to the table which is why I am a good listener! 

DREAM CAMPER: Lee Evans, anyone from Blink-182 or Boy George. My mum took me to see him at Wembley and he wore a satellite dish as a hat! 



AGE: 44

CLAIM TO FAME: Rugby Union player and married to Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Tindall

PHOBIAS: I haven’t admitted to having any phobias but in a weird way, I am looking forward to taking part in the trials!

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? My podcast series and the rugby Internationals this autumn

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Morning motivator. I would like to see everyone get on well and us all have a great experience

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I am a positive person

DREAM CAMPMATE: Samuel L Jackson would be cool. He has lived the life!



AGE: 23

CLAIM TO FAME: Playing Romeo Nightingale in Hollyoaks

PHOBIAS: Snakes!

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? I am a big fan of football so I will miss watching the start of the World Cup

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Entertainer and games coordinator

BEST ATTRIBUTE: It is definitely not my cooking skills or brains!

DREAM CAMPMATE: Any of the Leicester City starting 11!



AGE: 42

CLAIM TO FAME: ITV newsreader and Loose Women anchor

PHOBIAS: I am not sure what my fear factor will be because I’ve never had rodents, spiders and snakes crawling all over me!

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? My children’s annual school ball which I am gutted about

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Mum and cook. I don’t mind falling into that position

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I like to listen and talk. I love learning about people and I have a natural curiosity for people

DREAM CAMPMATE: Colin Murray and Richard Osman



AGE: 35

CLAIM TO FAME: Retired England Lioness

PHOBIAS: I don’t like rats and the thought of being underground fills me with fear!

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? The Men’s World Cup. I am going to find it weird not being able to know how the men are getting on in the tournament. Hopefully they will still be in the tournament when I come out of the jungle

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Helping hand. I like to help people if they aren’t having a good day

BEST ATTRIBUTE: Hard worker. I will always find a way to add value. I am also very honest

DREAM CAMPMATE: Another sports person would be great as it would be someone to bounce ideas off.



AGE: 31

CLAIM TO FAME: Love Island star

PHOBIAS: I hate the dark so I’m keen to avoid any challenges in the darkness

MISSING ANY BIG OCCASIONS? No, had the show been on air any later, I could have missed my sister’s wedding

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Clown. I was always the class clown at school and I love having a laugh

BEST ATTRIBUTE: I don’t take myself seriously and I have got a good sense of humour

DREAM CAMPMATE: A pop legend like Dolly Parton who has amazing stories to tell



AGE: 44

CLAIM TO FAME: Politician

PHOBIAS: Snakes. I don’t thankfully suffer from claustrophobia –or I think I don’t!

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION YOU WANT TO DISPEL IN THE JUNGLE: Politicians are people too and it will be nice for people to see me as me. We are human too

ROLE IN THE CAMP: I like to muck in, and I think I will be collecting a lot of firewood. I like cooking too

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