People notice something spooky about Kate Middleton’s royal baby dress

Kate Middleton had a baby this week.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their third baby on Monday morning.

And today, the royal couple revealed their new son’s name – Louis Arthur Charles. Aka Prince Louis. A cosmopolitan choice.

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Excitement is happening. Some are jubilant, others are bored. Lots of people are making jokes .

Some are noticing subtle peculiarities. One is what Kate was wearing when she left hospital on Monday.

Her red dress looks very similar to the one worn in 1968 horror classic Rosemary’s Baby.

The movie, starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes, is about a new mother whose creepy, intrusive neighbours take a keen interest in her pregnancy.

We won’t spoil the film in case you haven’t seen it. Basically, it’s scary and satanism is involved.

It has nothing to do with Kate. She just wore a dress and it’s a weird coincidence. She’s probably not seen the film.

People like to have fun on the internet though, don’t they?

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