Piers Morgan’s Sun column: Piers hopes that the Windsors ‘bump off’ Prince Harry

Almost one year ago, Jeremy Clarkson wrote a violent screed against the Duchess of Sussex, openly fantasizing (in a Sun column) about stripping Meghan naked, parading her down the streets and throwing excrement at her. Clarkson wrote that column just a few days after enjoying a pre-Christmas lunch with Queen Camilla and some of her favorite right-wing media figures. Well, it looks like Queen Camilla has sent another one of her favorite attack dogs after her enemies. This time it’s Piers Morgan writing a column for the Sun, a column devoted to deriding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Omid Scobie. Piers denies Scobie’s story about Camilla contacting him and thanking him after his grotesque comments about Meghan in 2021, but the main thrust is that Piers was actually “authorized” to make deadly threats against Scobie and the Sussexes.

Piers’ denial about chats with Camilla: In the book, Scobie states as fact that Queen Camilla and I ‘enjoy regular chats on the phone.’ But the truth is I’ve never had a single phone conversation with Her Majesty in my entire life. He also says that ‘When Piers called the Duchess of Sussex “Pinocchio Princess” and then a “race-baiter” on Good Morning Britain… it was Ca­milla who quietly thanked him for defending the Firm.’ This, again, is a lie. I had no contact with Queen Camilla in that period whatsoever. I did with some other members of the Royal Family, as I said at the time, but not Camilla. Scobie just read what I said, and wrongly guessed it was Camilla.

The royal racists named in letters between Meghan & Charles: For example, he includes specific details of letters exchanged between Charles and Meghan after the Oprah Winfrey whine-a-thon in which she claimed there were ‘concerns and conversations’ with members of the Royal Family about the colour of her unborn son’s skin. Scobie says the letters name the two royals involved who supposedly expressed their ‘concerns’ but writes that he cannot name them legally. If those names are who I think they are, again based on my own very good sources, I find it impossible to believe either of them would have ever expressed any racially- motivated ‘concerns’ about the skin colour of Meghan and Harry’s baby.

Scobie could name the racists: But whilst Scobie would run into legal problems in the UK if he named them here, there’s nothing to stop him revealing the names in America where he would be protected by the First Amendment covering free speech. The reason he won’t is because he knows he’d ignite a firestorm of fury, and almost certainly provoke the royals concerned into publicly denouncing these wicked racist slurs for which Meghan’s never produced a shred of evidence.

I’ve always believed that Piers is involved with Thomas & Samantha Markle: “So, on balance, I think I’ll wait for Meghan’s next appearance under oath – which may come quite soon in her legal battle with her half-sister Samantha – before believing her latest denials of any involvement, direct or otherwise, in this latest book.”

The death threat: All while we’re supposed to believe Meghan and Harry are keen to build bridges with the royals and even want to spend Christmas with them at Sandringham, which seems about as likely as me being invited up there to pull a festive cracker. I can’t speak for Charles, Camilla, William, or Kate, but if two close members of my family had spent the past few years trashing the rest of us on global media platforms, the only way I’d want to spend Christmas with them is if they were human chestnuts roasting on my open fire. Harry would do well to heed the warning of Dionysius the Tyrant who was left a broken man by his constant warmongering and got finally bumped off by his own fed-up family.

[From The Sun]

“The truth is I’ve never had a single phone conversation with Her Majesty in my entire life” – carefully worded, because they have lunch together and I’m sure he’s been invited to the palace for hatchet-face-to-hatchet-face briefings. It’s possible that Scobie got the detail about Camilla “calling” Piers wrong, and it’s also possible that Piers is just lying. Perhaps Camilla sent him a note of thanks or she used an intermediary (which would be her style). As for the death threat… given what happened in New York this year, I think the family has already tried to “bump off” the Sussexes. That’s also why they’re so hellbent on “getting Harry to come back” or isolating him at Balmoral.

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