Prince William had a secret meeting with Gordon Brown about Scottish independence

Last weekend, the British papers had several stories about how the Boris Johnson government was using the Royal Family as props to discourage Scottish independence. Scotland has already had one referendum vote on Scottish independence and it didn’t pass, although it was closer than the Windsors and Tories would have liked. Since then, the independence movement has gotten stronger and more popular, and it’s likely that another referendum vote will be held next year or 2023, at least that’s what Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says and wants. So the Windsors have been happy to be used by the Tory government and people are blatantly talking about how Prince William and Kate’s Scottish mini-tour was supposed to be part of the larger royal “charm offensive” to show Scotland that they should stay in the UK.

The problem, as always, is that William is an idiot and the royal family is pretty stupid too. On the last day of Will and Kate’s Scottish mini-tour, the media outside Holyroodhouse Palace (the official royal residence in Edinburgh) noticed a curious visitor: former prime minister Gordon Brown, who has launched an anti-independence movement in Scotland.

The Duke of Cambridge and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown reportedly hosted a ‘secret meeting’ at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh where they reportedly discussed Scottish Independence. Gordon Brown has been open about his views on Scottish Independence and recently announced that he has launched a campaigning movement to ‘save the union’

Channel Four news reports how Kensington Palace confirmed to them that the meeting today took place and that the Duke of Cambridge was “listening to community views on the issue of independence.”

An SNP source also reportedly told the channel that “The Duke’s secret meeting with Gordon Brown would appear to be evidence of coordination between the unionist campaign and the Royal Family.”

It is unclear at this point exactly what was discussed in the ‘secret meeting.’

Chanel four reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy has also made claims on social media that Royal officials ‘tried to stop the news channel from airing footage from outside Holyrood Palace’ filmed while they were investigating the ‘secret meet up.’

The journalist claimed on Twitter: “Gordon Brown, who’s just launched a campaign to save the Union, just had unpublicised meeting with Prince William. Only politician save Nicola Sturgeon met on Royal visit to Scotland. So sensitive #C4News prevented from airing footage shot from outside palace gates!

“Kensington Palace have said we were stopped from airing the footage we filmed of Mr Brown in the grounds of Holyrood Palace – not because of sensitivities – but because they claim #C4News was trespassing. Our team were in public place outside gates.”

[From Edinburgh Live]

Just so we’re clear, the timeline was: reporters notice that Gordon Brown was driven into Holyroodhouse Palace and they got footage of it, which they began to air with the story that Brown was likely meeting with Prince William. Kensington Palace then tried to shut down the media by claiming that the footage was illegal (it was not). Then KP confirmed the meeting and tried to put a bow on it by adding the meeting (after the fact) to the Court Circular.

It should also be noted that this was not William going off and doing something stupid on his own. William does not have the clearance to do something like this without authorization from his family, from the courtiers and likely from the Johnson government too. My guess is that Downing Street suggested it to Buckingham Palace and BP was happy to politicize Billingham the Dull. And that’s exactly what this is: royals wading into politics, and royals happily being used as anti-democratic props for a right-wing government.

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