Princess Kate is too bitter, hurt & insulted to ever be a keen peacemaker again

One of my favorite royal storylines was when the Princess of Wales (then the Duchess of Cambridge) could not STFU about how she was the keenest peacemaker in the family, and she was going to do the most to force her husband and brother-in-law to reconcile. This was in 2021, and Kate used the “peacemaker” storyline for weeks, if not months. The keen peacemaker actually overshadowed Prince Philip’s funeral with her shenanigans, just as she arranged for a special funeral photoshoot with her borrowed jewelry. Sometimes I think back to particular royal storylines and I’m like “did that actually happen?” It did. Anyway, Kate is too lazy to keep up the pretense of being a peacemaker, so her new thing is being a rageaholic like her husband. There have been several stories in recent months about Kate being bitter and full of hate towards the Sussexes. The latest twist is that she’s too bitter to even think about being a keen peacemaker over the holidays!

She was once dubbed the ‘peacemaker’ and believed to be instrumental in helping heal royal rifts. But Kate Middleton’s relationship with her brother-in-law Prince Harry is now so damaged that she won’t be the one to “hold out an olive branch” in time for Christmas, a royal expert has revealed.

Royal commentator Jennie Bond exclusively told Fabulous: “Catherine was deeply hurt by some of the things Harry said about her, particularly in his book, and unfortunately because of these entrenched positions where neither side seems to want to make contact or the first move, I can’t see this rift healing any time soon. Catherine has played the peacemaker in the past and has brought William and Harry together, and I think that comes from her own family, and their values. But I think she has got to a stage whereby she has had to take a step back, things have gone too far, and she feels upset and, quite frankly, hurt and insulted.”

Now, despite months passing since the release of [Spare], Jennie says the trio’s positions haven’t changed and that she doesn’t expect a family reconciliation in time for Christmas.

She said: “I think Catherine was hurt by Harry (and Meghan’s) claim that she made Meghan cry during a fitting for Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress, and again by Meghan’s view, which was relayed by Harry, that she found Catherine and William standoffish, a bit cold, when they first met. After all, we have seen that Catherine is more than ready to give people a hug – even people she has no connection with and will never see again. We must remember that Harry once described Catherine as the sister he never had. Now it seems she is the sister in law he no longer wants to see.”

Jennie says that Kate has not only been hurt by the personal attacks on herself, but those aimed at her husband and the wider royal family too.

She said: “I think Catherine has been badly hurt by Harry’s brutal attacks on William, like his decision to reveal so much of what went on during their disagreements, and by the claim that someone in the royal family questioned the tone of unborn Archie’s skin, it was such a generalised claim that it hurt the whole family. I think Catherine and William have jointly decided that they will carry on with family life and work, and for most of the time, they don’t think about Harry very much, and I expect vice versa. I can’t see an olive branch being extended from either side any time soon.”

[From The Sun]

What changed from “the keen peacemaker” storyline of 2021 versus the “Kate is too bitter and hateful to ever make peace” storyline of 2023? The change was, as Jennie Bond says, Harry’s memoir. Harry wrote so carefully, but he really left the impression that Kate was just a sh-tstirring a–hole, someone who instigates drama, someone deeply unfriendly and someone who was immediately jealous of Meghan. I also think time has changed everything – the Windsors now realize that Harry isn’t coming back AND he’s pissed at them. As always, the royal experts’ framing is wild – the Sussexes have shown everyone that they have moved on thoroughly, but the Windsors still cling to this false narrative that they’re in charge.

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