French husband's ruthless list of first date tips for 'true gentlemen'

My French husband’s ruthless dating tips will help you score a ‘true gentleman’ – but few will manage to stick to his rules

  • A French husband revealed 12 things all men should do on first dates
  • The brutal list bans them from being indecisive, late, and flirting with others
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A woman’s French husband has shared 12 behaviours all women on first dates should look out for if they want to be with ‘elegant’ men – and when to draw the line and move on.

The man is happily married and regularly shares advice about the ‘proper’ way to treat women.

Several of his tactics included ensuring the man is decisive and chooses the restaurant, is punctual, and asks you lots of questions about yourself.

‘If he asks you, “Where should we go? What restaurant should I pick?” without handling the reservation himself, move on,’ the French man said.

‘If there is any hesitation to pick up the check or suggestion to split it – jump to the next.’

A French husband has shared 12 behaviours all women on first dates should look out for if they want to be with ‘elegant’ men – and when to draw the line and move on

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The French man listed more traits to keep your eye on.

‘He shouldn’t be late, shouldn’t only talk about himself and not ask about you, and should always offer you the best seat at the table with the nicest view if he’s a true gentleman.

‘A night out without complimenting you is like champagne without bubbles.’

The husband also listed out several etiquette points, and explained the man should never order before their date and always refill their date’s glass of wine and water.

‘He shouldn’t flirt with the waitress or even look at her with charming eyes.  

‘He also needs to offer you the first slice of bread and butter it for you,’ the Frenchman said.

Lastly, he added: ‘A man of elegance should always have a suggestion for the next rendezvous.’

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What are 12 things all elegant men do on first dates

Pick a restaurant and handle the reservation

Pick up the check

Be on time for the date

Ask lots of questions 

Don’t order before your date

Don’t flirt with the waitress 

Offer the nicest seat at the table with the better view to your date 

Don’t even look at other women

Refill your date’s water and wine glass

Give your date lots of compliments

Offer your date the first slice of bread

Plan ahead for the post-dinner venue 

Several women agreed with the French husband’s list.

‘Yes, butter my bread! Refill my wine glass! Compliment me! A true gentleman. Chivalry needs a resuscitation ’cause it’s on life support!’ one wrote.

‘This is legit the bare minimum and my boyfriend can’t do it,’ a woman said

‘Amen! I found my husband at 42 with all those criteria. They’re out there!’ another wrote.

While others claimed the standards were too high.

‘There’s a lot of toxic monogamy in this,’ a woman said.

‘If you’re secure in who you are, you don’t have to try so hard to impress a lady,’ another wrote. ‘Embarrassing.’

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