'The Celebrities Have Masks On': Aubrey O'Day Spills Deets On REAL Hollywood Sex Parties!

Aubrey O’Day is spilling all, she doesn’t give a f**k!

The Danity Kane singer appeared on the Barstool podcast OnlyStans on Thursday, in which she discussed her OnlyFans work, her sexual preferences, and some wild Hollywood stories.

As part of a wide-ranging convo — focused mostly on sex — Aubrey throws out an idea for a show in which she and other hot girls travel the country showing off the coolest places. And she casually mentions that “there are sex parties in every city” in America.


Aubrey is an aficionado, so she would know! As she frankly continues:

“I go to all the sex parties in LA, they’re whack.”

The host just has to know more! So the Making The Band alum goes into detail!

“The sex party I just went to, I was just like ewww. All I saw was generational trauma on a bed.”

OMG! Doesn’t sound too pleasant!

“Nice house in the hills, a lot of the celebrities have masks on, then it’s a lot of agents and money men.”

They really wear masks? It really is like Eyes Wide Shut?? Was Kubrick just putting out what he’d actually seen in Hollywood??

“And then, like, they do a performance, all the performers are OnlyFans people. Their company heads are usually there. All the big ones are there, all their big girls are there. They all have sex with each other.”

She added there’s one specific trend she’s been seeing lately, something a lot of celeb guys want:

“Chicks with d**ks is very big in LA. Everybody from rappers to sports guys, everybody wants a female face, female titties, and a d**k f**king them.”

As for the famous gals she knows? Something very different. Forget parties. They don’t even make it out of the car! Aubrey says multiple famous women she knows have started to hook up with Uber drivers! She explained:

“A lot of girlfriends that I know, famous girls, like Housewives and s**t in LA, they f**k their Uber drivers at the end of the night. They don’t trust men, they don’t want anyone knowing their business, Uber drivers don’t know who the f**k they are. If he’s hot, plenty of my friends have just been, at the end of the night, wanting to get laid, they just call their Uber driver and get f**ked and they leave.”

Daaang! Something tells us more guys are going to sign up as Uber drivers on the weekends! Maybe some aspiring actors while the SAG-AFTRA strike continues…

Later in the podcast she talks about going to a Playboy party and watching Hugh Hefner finger his girlfriends in front of her. Oh, and turning down a then-unknown Drake! A fellow Aubrey, too! LOLz! The whole interview is WILD, but the sex party talk starts at about the 38:33 mark (below):

Loves it! Never change, Aubrey!!!

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