The Heartbreaking Reason Savannah Chrisley Hasn't Been Visiting Her Parents In Prison

Prison life is getting harder and harder for Todd and Julie Chrisley — and for their daughter Savannah Chrisley, too.

In the latest (solo) episode of her podcast Unlocked, Savannah revealed something shocking: she hasn’t seen her parents in prison in more than three weeks. Knowing how tight the Chrisley fam is, and how supportive Savannah has been as her parents serve out their federal prison sentences on tax evasion and fraud charges, that’s a LONG time. She had been visiting frequently, just… not anymore.

Speaking candidly, the 26-year-old revealed how it’s been “really tough” to visit her parents while also parenting her baby bro and young niece, developing her own relationship, and taking care of work:

“That has been really tough, especially going to visit Mom and Dad and being in a relationship and feeling like I want something for myself at times. So we have gone to see them almost every weekend, but this past month, I mean, it’s been three weeks since we’ve seen them.”

As Perezcious readers will recall, the Chrisley Knows Best star is currently the guardian of her younger brother Grayson, who is 16, as well as her 11-year-old niece Chloe. And their busy and important school and life schedules have become a major part of the conflict in trying to find time for everyone. Reflecting on the guilt she feels from trying to juggle everything, Savannah said:

“That’s been because of just me and the kids travel, and holidays and school and work. I have this layer of guilt that weights over me like, ‘Oh my gosh, you have to go see them. Like how selfish of you?’ I’m the angel on one side and devil on the other, of just this constant battle of feeling what I’m doing isn’t enough.”


Thankfully, it sounds like her parents really get it. She explained:

“Luckily, both my parents understand. They want the kids to be happy and to not be visiting a prison 24/7. But I think that’s just my own internal battle.”

Still, even with Todd and Julie being patient and understanding, that doesn’t mean things have magically been made better for their daughter. Savannah — who is in a new relationship with boyfriend Robert Shiver, who is himself a dad — wants nothing more than to lean on her momma for life advice:

“Over Thanksgiving I found myself, I literally just had a full-on sob moment by myself. There was something that happened and all I wanted was to call my mom, talk to her and get her advice. That’s what you want to do when you’re in a relationship, you just want Mom’s advice.”

In fact, the Sassy By Savannah mogul’s chemistry with Robert very closely mirrors how Todd and Julie first got together years ago. Knowing that, the podcast host wants nothing more than to rely on her loving momma. Sadly, that’s something she can’t get on demand right now:

“When I look at my life now, when my mom met my dad he had two kids and in a way I’m weirdly reliving her life, because obviously my boyfriend has kids and there’s things that happen that I just want my mom’s advice. I just want to hear how she went through it, what she went through and talk and vent and relate and get advice. And learn how to show up better. I just started crying and I couldn’t call her.”

So sad!

And the fact that her parents are both set to be locked away for so much longer is daunting for Savannah, too. Julie has about a half-decade left in her sentence, while Todd has a full decade to go. And even though her parents have been hard at work appealing their sentences and praying for some level of legal leniency, that process moves VERY slowly. Savannah concluded:

“The longer they’re there, the harder it is to visit, because I know that I’m leaving them there and that’s the tough part. … I’m reminded of what I don’t have and you’re also reminded of how slow our system is and you just have to sit and wait.”

Sit and wait, indeed. Oof. Sending love and light to Savannah right now! She is doing SO much in caring for her brother and niece while also trying to be the good daughter and the good girlfriend. It’s a LOT.

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