What Casey Anthony’s Relationship With Her Parents Is Like Now

It was impossible to not be consumed with the Casey Anthony trial in 2008 — her 2-year-old daughter Caylee disappeared that June and was found dead in the woods six months later, according to Good Housekeeping. The trial captivated the nation as millions tuned in when Anthony was found not guilty of first-degree murder in 2011, per the Associated Press (via NBC News).

Anthony quickly became known as “the most hated mom in America” and told the outlet in March 2017 that she still doesn’t know how her daughter’s life ended. “Based off what was in the media” — the story of a woman who could not account for a month in which her child was missing, whose defense involved an accidental drowning for which there was no eyewitness testimony — “I understand the reasons people feel about me. I understand why people have the opinions that they do,” she said.

However, the Florida Department of Children and Families said Anthony “was responsible for her daughter’s death because her actions or the lack of actions … ultimately resulted or contributed in the death of the child.” More than 10 years after the case went to trial, some might be wondering if Anthony still has a relationship with her parents. Keep reading for details on where they stand today.

Casey Anthony and her parents have a fractured relationship

Casey Anthony and her father George Anthony reportedly did not speak for several years after her trial, according to People. He spoke out during an October 2019 episode of “The Dr. Oz Show” and said he wrote a letter to Casey, hoping for a fresh start.

“I just want to let her know how I felt,” he said at the time. “I know of one thing I did say to her: ‘I would love to see you and I would love for mom to know where you’re at, how you’re doing.'” He continued: “I said, ‘Casey, no matter what, I’m still your dad and I love you.’ That was hard for me, but I needed to get that from me because you can’t move on if you keep on holding all these things inside, you need to be able to express yourself.”

George made it clear he wants to move forward, adding, “Even though what she’s done to Caylee, to her, and I or anyone else, I just wanted [her] to know that I was ready to forgive her. At least I wanted to see her and talk to her. No matter if it was an hour or five minutes or whatever, I just wanted to just see her.”

Cindy does not speak to her daughter, according to a July 2019 Daily Mail report. Cindy said, “As much as I miss her and I love her I am dealing enough with my husband that I don’t need her drama. I think about her all the time but my life is with George.”

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