A Peek Inside Ice Cube’s Marina Del Rey Mansion

American rapper, actor, and filmmaker Ice Cube’s has become among the richest rappers in the world with an estimated net worth of $160 million. Born as O’Shea Jackson Sr, the rapper has began his entertainment career as a member of a hip hop group called C.I.A. and then joined the seminal rap group called N.W.A later on. These days, he is among he can be seen doing movies and was seen with prominent actors in films such as Ride Along and Jump Street. Just like any other Hollywood celebrities, Ice Cube has started out with such humble beginnings and started reaching the top with his talent and determination. With his ability to diversify his career, he was able to succeed and build his wealth. Included in his wealth is his Marina del Rey mansion he purchased in 2016, take a peek at his stunning Marina del Rey mansion.

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Details Of The Marina del Rey Mansion

Ice Cube bought the Marina del Rey mansion in April 2016 from actor and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme for $7.25 million although the said mansion was originally listed on the market for $10 million. It was also reported that Jean-Claude Van Damme bought the place in 2012 for about $6 million. Marina del Rey is a small beachside community located in Los Angeles County. Marina del Rey is among the unincorporated seaside community in the Los Angeles County and there is only a population of almost ten thousand people. The modern Marina del Rey estate was built in 2011 and is located on the banks of the Grand Canal. The beautiful home of the rapper is custom contemporary and has about 7,575 sq. ft. Just like any other celebrity residences in Los Angeles, the property is not really in a secluded location as it has some close proximity to the neighboring houses.

The six bedroom mansion sits right on the canal and has the views of the ocean. Aside from the privacy issue, there is really no downside to the mansion which makes this purchase for Ice Cube among the best deals on the Marina del Rey area. It was reported that Ice Cube and his wife bought the mansion as a getaway place for their family. It is about 10 miles away from their main residence where they live in with their children. This is the place they go to if they want to get away without their kids and enjoy their time as a couple. The estate has three floors which has the sight of the canal which flanks the house. The house glows magnificently as the reflection of the canal can be seen at night. The building used materials that were all high quality and were even imported.

Features Of Ice Cube’s Estate

Ice Cube’s mansion boasts six bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. Each floor of the canal front house is packed with luxurious features including a stunning rooftop, a beautiful swimming pool, massive home theatre and numerous fireplaces scattered all over the mansion and there is a total of six fireplaces across the mansion. The bedrooms are all suites and are spacious and some of them even have fireplaces. The living areas have terraces that have an overlooking view of the water and extend the spaces of outdoors for an alfresco entertaining. The main living areas of the mansion can stretch out to blend the outside terrace of the estate.

The rooftop has the swimming pool which is surrounded by the 360-degree views of the Marina del Rey area. The stunning deck is equipped with a TV best for entertainment and a fireplace for aesthetics. The mansion also has a wine cellar which can ensure that no wine would be spoiled. The wine cellar is beautifully designed with a meta mural of a wine cellar. The massive home theatre can fit up to fifteen people comfortably.

Additional Amenities

The residence which was built in the 2011 includes a formal dining room which can cater events and celebrations. There is also a spacious state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen on the mansion. With the global crisis still ongoing, Ice Cube can hold his meetings online on his sizeable home office. The living room has a phenomenal fireplace and a family room with a bar area perfect for having friends over. If one is tired of the inside view, they can take a walk outside the mansion to breathe some fresh air. There is also a deck terrace which is overlooking the beautiful Grand Canal where the sunset view over the Pacific Ocean can be seen as well. There are pocket doors off each level of the mansion which is open to the terrace patio. Buddies of the rapper can enjoy some good time on the large patio that has plenty of room for a DJ and a bar. There is also an elevator on the mansion which can make roaming around the mansion easier.

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