Aldi launches ‘golden ticket’ chocolate competition with £10,000 as top prize

We have to admit that we’ve always wanted to open a chocolate bar and find a golden ticket inside just like Charlie Bucket did in Willy Wonka.

The excitement of unwrapping a treat and finding a prize inside is one we never thought we’d get the chance to have.

Luckily for all Brits, Aldi’s latest competition means that 25 lucky winners will get to experience a golden ticket moment.

The supermarket’s new “golden ticket” scheme means cash prizes are available to be won when you buy a bar of Aldi's Dairyfine Golden Giveaway Chocolate.

You can check you’re buying the correct bar by looking for the golden scroll on the label!

A whopping 25 tickets have been distributed around the country and could be in any one of 910 Aldi stores.

Each ticket has a cash prize attached to it which varied from £5,000 to £10,000

Only five of the 25 tickets have the top prize of £10,000 so you’d better hurry out and find one!

The competition began on November 1 and prizes must be claimed by January 24 2022, reports Tyla.

The giant 800g bars cost £4.99 each and if you win then you can claim the cash on the Aldi website by filling in an application form and emailing it to [email protected].

You’ll need to attach photos of the winning ticket and your receipt so make sure you get one from the cashier!

Shoppers can pick up the bars using Click & Collect to make it simpler to find them or you can shop for them traditionally.

You must have submitted the form by January 24 or you will not be given the money.

Plus, you must be over the age of 18 and live in Britain to win the cash.

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