Andy Cohen and Kelly Dodd Get Into It on RHOC Reunion Over Covid, Politics

Dodd claims her fans believe Cohen is “anti-American,” while he asks if she’s worried about being on “the wrong side of history.”

Kelly Dodd was once again in Andy Cohen’s crosshairs on Wednesday night, during Part 1 of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” reunion special.

As most of the season was filmed amid the Covid pandemic, it was a hot topic of the evening — especially considering Dodd’s controversial and problematic social media posts downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus. After a package showing how the women handled the pandemic on the show, Cohen asked Dodd to clarify her stance on wearing masks.

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“I hate wearing a mask, I think everyone’s on that with me,” she said. “I will wear them because I have to. Does your pants protect you from a fart? Are the masks helping? I don’t know.”

When Cohen said he saw a lot of messages from people saying she wasn’t taking Covid seriously, Dodd copped to saying a few things she regretted over the last year. “I feel bad for anyone who lost loved ones, I think it’s horrific, I think it’s horrible,” she added. “Did I take it seriously? Yeah. But I also was frustrated.”

“Your behavior has really outraged people,” noted Cohen, but Dodd didn’t seem to mind. “My fan base is building, I haven’t lost any followers,” she replied.

“I mean, the amount of messages that I get that you’re uneducated, you’re putting out misinformation, you’re behaving like a moron …” Cohen continued, before Dodd turned the tables on the host.

“I get them too, saying that you’re anti-American, that you put your political beliefs out there,  that they don’t want to watch a political show,” she shot back. “I’m anti-American because I don’t like Donald Trump?” asked an incredulous Cohen. “Yeah,” said Dodd.

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After addressing her comments about Covid being God’s way of “thinning the herd,” Cohen noted that most of the backlash she received was for things Dodd did or said on social media — not on the show itself. “Was there ever a time where you thought, I’m not gonna post this?” he then asked.

“I feel like s—. I feel horribly and you’re making it worse,” she replied. Andy’s reaction: “Are you worried you’re gonna be on the wrong side of history?”

“Oh my god, what do you want from me?” exclaimed Dodd. “Seriously, what do you want? I’m sorry for hurting people’s feelings when that wasn’t my intent. What do you want from me?”

While it got a little heated between them, they moved onto the next topic after Braunwyn Windham-Burke diffused the situation.

The “RHOC” reunion will continue next Wednesday on Bravo.

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