Dierks Bentley Makes Fun of Himself After Awkward Bra-Shopping Video with 14-Year-Old Daughter

"We need your mom," the country singer and proud girl dad declares to 14-year-old daughter Evie in an adorable TikTok video as he tries to help her find what she's looking for — while looking completely overwhelmed — in the bra section of Aerie.

Dierks Bentley is poking fun at his apparent bra expertise in a new TikTok video featuring his 14-year-old daughter, Evie. It’s all in reference to another video from last week where the 46-year-old girl dad joined his daughter at Aerie.

To say he was a little overwhelmed surrounded by bras in the short TikTok would be a vast understatement, but it was nevertheless a very charming moment. The clip started with his daughter asking about a particular production.

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“What are these?” she asked, reading for a pink bra. Bentley’s response was perfect dad. “I believe that’s a bra,” he said, surrounded by nothing but bras. “Obviously, duh,” she replied.

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As they made their way through the store, Bentley focused in on a chart that showed different options as Evie figured out what she wanted. At another point, he zoomed his camera in on lace bras and said, “Not doing lace.”

Finally, he threw in the towel as Evie continued browsing the selections, trying to figure out what she wanted. “We need your mom here,” he declared with a twinkle in his eye. “Call mom.”

One commenter on that post recalled his appearance on “Cribs” when Evie was just a little baby. And so Bentley followed up his bra post with a response video to this comment, and a fresh callback to his newfound bra expertise.

He also nearly put his foot in his mouth with a terrible dad joke when as he panned the camera around the room filled with nothing but young women. “They’re all grown up now,” he joked. These are actually all my daughters. I’ve really been quite productive, haven’t I,” he said, panning the half-dozen women before settling on the one who actually is his daughter.

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He then offered, as their collective dad, to take them all bra shopping. “I’m an expert now,” he declared. I’ll take you guys. I really know how to work the aisles.”

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After a brief pause, he decided he’d better stop filming before he “gets canceled.”

Bentley was coming off his big weekend at CMA Fest, which took place June 8 to 11. He even captioned his bra shopping TikTok as a “night off” from the festival. Bentley was hosting alongside Elle King and Lainey Wilson.

Bentley also shares Jordan, 12, and Knox, 9, with his wife Cassidy Bentley. Ahead of CMA Fest, he talked with Entertainment Tonight about how he’s turned down opportunities in acting and other things because he doesn’t want to be away from his family like that.

“It requires, like, more time away from home and I just, I don’t want to,” he said. “I had a chance to audition for Larry David and I decided not to do it. Because again, I’m like, ‘Oh, if I get it, I don’t really want to go to L.A.”

As it stands, he’s able to be around for all of these important experiences in the lives of his children … and then share them with his fans.

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