Russians should FLEE Kremlin’s nuclear target cities in the West, Putin ally says as nukes deployed on Nato doorstep | The Sun

A TOP ally of Vladimir Putin has insisted Russians living abroad should be urged to flee possible nuclear attack targets in the West.

Professor Sergei Karaganov chillingly called for the use of nukes to smash "the will of the West" in supporting Ukraine.

It comes as bombs “three times more powerful” than those dropped on Hiroshima were understood to have arrived on Nato's doorstep.

Karaganov, a chairman at the Council of Foreign and Defence Policy, said the Kremlin should tell Russian expats to evacuate potential nuclear attack targets in a bid to ramp up scare tactics.

He made the unhinged claim that the use of nuclear weapons against the West can "save humanity" from the radioactive ruins of full-scale atomic Armageddon. 

Karaganov demanded that Putin must ensure that “the will of the West to incite and support the Kyiv junta is broken".

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He added: “It is necessary that the West simply ‘back off’ and not prevent Russia and the world from moving forward.”

The political scientist wants Putin’s regime to increase its nuclear rhetoric but if this does not deter the West from supplying weapons to Ukraine, nuclear strikes should be unleashed. 

Karaganov, 70, added: “The enemy must know that we are ready to strike a preemptive retaliatory strike for all of his current and past aggressions in order to prevent a slide into a global thermonuclear war”.

He claimed the West has lost the Cold War “fear of hell” or “Armageddon” that exists in a full-scale nuclear war, adding: "The fear of nuclear escalation must be restored. Otherwise humanity is doomed.

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“But what if they don't back down [and if the West has] completely lost your sense of self-preservation? 

“Then [Russia] will have to hit a group of targets in a number of countries in order to bring those who have lost their minds to their senses. 

“This is a morally terrible choice – we use the weapons of God, dooming ourselves to severe spiritual losses. 

“But if this is not done, not only Russia may perish, but, most likely, the entire human civilisation will end.

“We will have to make this choice.”

It comes after it was reported powerful nukes delivered to Russia’s ally on Ukraine’s border.

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko claimed he had received the weapons from the Kremlin and said he “would not hesitate” to use them.

On Russian state TV, Lukashenko said: “The bombs are three times more powerful than those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki” — the Japanese cities pulverised in World War Two.

Western officials, however, dismissed the claims by President Vladimir Putin’s stooge as “attention seeking”.

One said there was no evidence Moscow had sent the doomsday weapons, which Lukashenko asked for back in March.

He added: “We haven’t seen any arriving.

“They talk about delivery, but you don’t see the follow-on photocall.

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“It is a huge distraction from Putin.

“His go-to rhetoric seems to be nuclear weapons and everyone gets jumpy and jittery.”

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