DIY-savvy dad quoted £500 for walk-in wardrobe creates his own for just £120

A dad put his DIY skills to the test to save a lot of money on his latest project at home.

Kenroy Malcolm, 33, was able to transform the small space between two bedrooms on a budget.

He was originally quoted almost £500 for the project, but decided to do it himself for £120.

The teaching assistant wanted to knock one of the walls down, but instead he found a sliding door from Argos.

Speaking to, Kenroy said: "I knew this was the best option as we could avoid swinging a door open and closed.

"I wanted to do this myself rather than pay someone to come in and do it for me.

"A friend who is in the trade estimated that a joiner would charge approximately £170 per day for labour."

He purchased a folding door from Argos for £32, some shelf brackets from eBay and a metal frame clothes from Wayfair.

Kenroy also picked up some timber from his local hardware store for £10 and got free recycled wood to make the door frame.

The dad-of-two added: "The first thing I did was clear the space. A lot of stuff was in there that just needed to go.

"I measured up the door and then the timber which would cover the gap between the door and the wall, before trimming it to size."

He continued: "I removed the staples from the salvaged wood I picked up from my neighbour and cut it to the size I was looking for.

"The wood was in rough condition, but I sanded it down and once that was done it meant I wouldn’t need to varnish or paint it."

Once he set up the support above the door, he picked a sliding door which was "pretty straightforward" to set up.

Now Kenroy is "super happy" with the project."

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