‘FBI TV Show’: Who Plays Maggie’s Boyfriend, Nestor?

FBI’s Maggie has a new love in her life. Who is the actor who plays Nestor Vertiz? Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows.

How did Maggie meet Nestor?

Maggie left her FBI team so she could go undercover for a top-secret case. During that time, she became close to fellow agent Nestor Vertiz. The excitement of the mission and the shared experience drew them together.

When Maggie returned from the mission, she didn’t tell anyone she was dating Nestor. She wanted to keep things private. However, Nestor was eager to let the world know they were together. Maggie eventually decided to disclose their relationship.

When she let OA know about them, he didn’t seem thrilled. OA suspected something was going on between Maggie and Nestor, but he wasn’t sure. Once their relationship was confirmed, OA appeared to be bothered by it. There have been hints that OA has feelings for Maggie, but he isn’t ready to say anything yet.

Who plays Maggie’s boyfriend on ‘FBI’?

Maggie’s boyfriend is played by actor Josh Segarra. He made his FBI debut during season 3, episode 1 (titled “Never Trust a Stranger”). One of Segarra’s early acting roles was in the 2005 TV movie Vampire Bats. He played the character Miles. He made his big-screen debut in the 2008 movie The Narrows. The following year, he appeared in the movie Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet.

Segarra joined the cast of The Electric Company in 2009. He played the character Hector Ruiz until 2011. In 2014, Segarra joined the cast of Sirens, in which he played Billy for 18 episodes until 2015. Segarra has also appeared in Chicago P.D., Arrow, Orange is the New Black, and The Other Two.

Things between Maggie and OA are strained

The relationship between Maggie and OA becomes strained during FBI Season 3, Episode 4 (titled “Crazy Love”). Maggie’s boyfriend asks for a favor, and as a result, an arrest is delayed for five days. OA thinks Maggie’s feelings for Nestor affected her decision about the arrest. He doesn’t hold back when telling her how upset he is with the way the case is being handled.

Maggie and OA get into an argument and it’s clear things have changed between them. Maggie thinks OA is acting out because he doesn’t like Nestor, and OA thinks Maggie is blinded by love. He’s hurt by the way things are between him and Maggie. They’re slowly drifting apart, and Maggie doesn’t even seem aware of what’s happening. At least for now, all she can think about is Nestor.  

What’s next for Maggie and Nestor?

We have a feeling that things will start to get rocky for Maggie and Nestor. As tension builds between OA and Maggie, it might begin to cause problems in her relationship with her boyfriend. We don’t have a good feeling about this. Hopefully, OA and Maggie can repair their relationship and continue to be friends—or maybe more.

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