Floyd Mayweather Venue Change Prompts $120 Million Lawsuit

There are two things that are very important to Floyd Mayweather, and should never be messed with; Fighting, and Money. The two happen to be very integrated issues for Mayweather right now and he’s taking legal action to rectify this matter. Fans across the world are poised to watch the Mayweather Vs. Logan fight, and there’s been a lot of hype surrounding this match, but now, the headlines are taking a different tone. TMZ confirms the fight was supposed to take place in Dubai, but has had to be shifted to Miami due to some issues with the entertainment company that was promoting and hosting the event. PAC Entertainment promised a Dubai location to Mayweather and presented lucrative financial estimations that led him to sign on. They failed to issue his first payment, prompting him to switch locations entirely and seek a $122.6 law suit for damages.

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Ultimately, PAC made some big  promises to Mayweather Promotions but hasn’t been able to see any of them through. Mayweather isn’t taking any chances on the rest of their agreement and has shifted the entire fight night to Miami, away from Dubai entirely.

Mayweather Promotions alleges that PAC Entertainment Worldwide initiated discussions about hosting the event in Dubai in 2021. TMZ reports they claimed to have; “numerous business contacts in Dubai and had the financial wherewithal and capability to host a fight of this magnitude.”

PAC Entertainment then went on to present financial projections that greatly impressed Mayweather Promotions. TMZ says they claimed they: “could generate guaranteed amounts for each participant, plus result in the promoters earning more than $100 million in profits after covering all purses and expenses.” These are some pretty big bucks.

A contract was then signed which required PAC to start making payments to Mayweather Promotions on a $110 million payment schedule, and the first payment of $30 million was due on March 25th, 2021. Everything began to unravel when they refused to make the very first payment.

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Mayweather’s team claims this left them scrambling to secure a new venue and they have filed a $122.6 million law suit citing breach of contract and damages.There have been no reported responses from PAC, but given Mayweather’s clout and the failed payment and promises, it’s safe to assume Mayweather’s team will see this through to the end.READ NEXT: Money Hits: The Story of Floyd Mayweather

Sources: TMZ, Bleacher Report

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