‘I haven’t shaved or worn deodorant for years – trolls say I’ll die alone’

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A woman who hasn’t shaved for two years constantly receives hate from trolls online.

Cherry The Mistress is a 20-year-old “hairy sex worker” and OnlyFans model from the United States who doesn’t shave or wear deodorant.

She has been so successful that she quit her normal day job as a barista at a coffee shop and dropped out of university.

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While Cherry says her fans love her content, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t face judgement from others.

Sadly she gets thousands of hate comments from strangers on a daily basis for being a hairy woman on the internet.

“On social media, I get all kinds of hate comments daily,” she exclusively told Daily Star.

“They can range from ‘Shave that s***’, ‘Chewbacca’, ‘Nasty’, ‘You must be a man’, ‘You need a razor’ and the infamous ‘You’re going to die alone'.

“The internet does not hold back, especially if you’re a woman going against western beauty standards.”

If you would’ve asked Cherry a couple of years ago how the negative responses get to her, she would’ve said they make her extremely sad and frustrated.

Thankfully she has found plenty of success for not wanting to shave so doesn’t let these comments get her down.

But she still questions why people are so offended by something that grows naturally on most of us.

She explained: “Hair grows on nearly everyone and no one should feel like they need to shave just to fit a societal standard. Everyone should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies.”

While the 20-year-old used to shave her legs, armpits, and pubic area, now the most she does in terms of hair removal is tweeze her eyebrow hairs.

“Now that my body hair has made me six figures and I am very confident with myself, the hate comments do not get to me anymore. I sometimes laugh at how silly they are,” she said.

“How you treat other people, even on the internet, is merely a reflection of you. If you feel compelled to spread negativity to other people (who are doing no harm to you), take some time to look at yourself and where your life is going.

“People who are truly happy with themselves or with their lives don’t try to bring other people down for no reason.”

Cherry had been thinking about joining OnlyFans for months before taking the leap.

She was a broke college student and even while she was working full-time at a coffee shop, she could barely afford her bills.

It has turned out to be the right decision as she’s now raking in the cash and her subscribers love her.


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