‘I’m a hot fat girl – nobody will stop me from wearing sexy Halloween costumes’

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    Halloween is a time to get sexy – and one size 22 model is proving it.

    Olivia Messina, 27, from Toronto, Canada, boasts over 350,000 Instagram followers due to her body positive approach to life. She loves to flaunt her 44H boobs in sexy outfits, especially when it comes to spooky season.

    The plus size babe has been seen donning some particularly racy looks over the past few years – from a naughty nurse to a very racy police woman. The model is known for celebrating her curves in figure-hugging outfits, and this year is no different.

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    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Olivia said: "I always go for the raunchy costumes and skimpy cosplay looks during Halloween because I just want to have fun and show off my curves. Anything that is tight with latex, has animal ears, or falls well-above my knees, is my kind of look for Halloween.

    "I love turning heads and unhinging jaws with my audacity to be a hot fat girl in a sexy costume. All women should get out of their comfort zone for Halloween, and dress up in a sexy character, because their confidence will seriously skyrocket when they realise how hot they look.

    "I spent so many years hiding my body and now I'm over it, so you better believe I'm going to take advantage at Halloween, and dress up as the sexiest version of myself."

    Recently she was seen donning a very risqué look as she slipped into Fashion Nova's "Best in Class 3 Piece Costume Bedroom Set". She proudly flaunted her boobs and her tummy as she slipped into the yellow crop top and teeny skirt.

    The redhead is never shy to flash her cellulite either – and she did so as she turned around to model the outfit. She really works to prove how sexy it is to have curves, but she admitted finding costumes can be tough sometimes.

    It can be difficult to find outfits that suit her bust, and she often has to whip her bra off to make the looks work.

    "I definitely struggle with fitting my chest into costumes from time to time," she added. "I usually just go braless in them because it's easier to fit without all the extra padding.

    "More brands should cater to bustier women so that we can feel sexy too."

    Despite the sizing issues, it's fair to say Olivia puts her all into making her looks as glamorous as possible – and she always looks sexy. Between her big curly hair and smoky eye make-up, she always makes the effort to look amazing in her snaps.

    In the past, Olivia has spoken to Daily Star about how she won't let people's negative comments stop her from wearing what she wants to. And earlier this year, Olivia admitted she loves to show off her 44H-sized chest.

    Whether it's slipping into a crop top or donning a skimpy bikini, she's learned to embrace her bod and help others to do the same in the process. At the time, she said: "The secret to my confident glow is water, good skincare, carbs and a IDGAF positive attitude.

    "I love wearing dresses that hug my curves and show off my best assets, which I think are my 44H-sized chest and my long shapely legs. I used to hate wearing jeans, but now I love wearing them with a crop top. And for swimwear, it’s bikinis all the way!"

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